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Best Online Webs of Speech Recognition

If you’re exhausted from too much typing of your work or school tasks, then you must give it a try to use translate voice to text. It will let you dictate the text and it will real-time be written digitally. That is what we called speech recognition. As much as…

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Student & Teacher Discount in 6 Products

Since the pandemic started, most people around the globe have been work remotely and on a tight budget. It’s been a challenge for many to sustain their needs for many lost their jobs during this time. And as back-to-school season is coming, it could be a burden for students, educators,…

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How to Turn PDF to JPG Online for Free

It seems that finding a tool to transform your PDF documents into image format and vice versa demands a lot of effort and time. The internet may offer you a wide range of online PDF converters to change PDF to JPG, but getting excellent can be a hassle. Luckily, we…

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How to Search for a Word in PDF on Windows 11

The PDF is very useful for sharing and viewing read-only documents. We can’t deny that most of these PDFs contain many pages. Thus, some of the PDF apps have a feature wherein you can search for a word in PDF. It helps you to find specific words or phrases without…

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How to Convert Image to Excel Files using Your Phone

On your mobile device, get the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Once installed, launch it, and then from the main interface of the app, tap the “Form Recognition” button. The phone camera will be opened to scan the document. Position the camera on the document that…

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7 Top Apps to Convert Handwriting to Digital Text on Mobile

What is Handwriting Recognition? Handwriting Recognition (HWR) enables computers or devices to interpret human handwritten input to digital text. This input or source includes paper documents, pictures, screenshots, and many more. In addition, it allows your computer or phone camera to easily capture handprint data and cursive handwriting. Why is…

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How to Scan Signature from Image in Phone

Here are the steps to scan signature from image 1. Find your signature from an image From your recent photos or on your phone gallery, choose an image that contains your signature. Make sure that it is visible and clear so that you can get a high-quality output. 2. Choose…

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How to Annotate a PDF in Windows for Free

Why Do We Use Annotation to PDF? To Better Understand your Reading Goals There are some studies state that annotating helps you improve your reading comprehension. You can write comments to help you remember important details of what you read or can write down words that you don’t know the…

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Review of Top Scanner Apps in Google Play 2022

Start your 2022 into a paperless year! Scan receipts, documents, PDFs, and books and turn them into digital. You don’t need to avail expensive machine scanners and printers anymore, as your Android phone works better with these top Scanner apps in Google Play for 2022. Since we care for you,…

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How to Create Interactive PDFs Easily

Tired of boring traditional PDFs? Try to put a little bit of interactivity and bring these plain documents into life with the digital tools on the internet today! Impress your readers with the clickable and fillable features to make your PDFs entertaining and professional-looking. Create interactive PDFs easily now and…

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Top 8 Ways to Add Header to PDFs 2022

Headers are the text, symbols, and numbers that you can see at the top of the pages of your PDFs. It is used to make your documents well-lit or organized, you can put page numbering, dates, title and author, and many more. Besides, you can see books, novels, magazines, etc. using…

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How to Write a Student CV | 6 Free Template Website

For you to save time and energy, we have handpicked the websites that you can use to have a professional-looking curriculum vitae even you are a beginner. Here are some student CV sample websites that you can visit. Why CV is important? A Curriculum Vitae showcases all your personal information,…

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6 Websites to Download Free Christmas Fonts

Christmas is celebrated every year among billion of people all over the world. This special occasion is fast approaching and even non-Christians celebrate this as a sign of respect, it may be one of your traditions to give holiday cards to your loved ones. This is one way to make…

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Best Ways to Add Password to PDF 2022

To help you in adding password to PDF, we will give you the best ways to add a password to your PDF this coming 2022. You can surely use these solutions even you are not tech-savvy. Adobe Acrobat Reader Other 6 best programs Tips for creating a strong password Adobe…

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