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6 Extraordinary Voice Dictation Apps in 2021

As technology advances, a lot of things are being developed including voice recognition, which enables people to use their devices to recognize your voice, and it will come out as text. In this way, you are able to take down a flash of inspirations faster and without any hassle. Here I will suggest some of the…

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5 Awesome iPad PDF Reader Apps in 2021

Most Recommended iPad PDF Reader Apps ApowerPDF EditorPDF Reader & Annotator by XodoGoogle Play BooksPDF MaxMuPDF ApowerPDF Editor Compatibility: iOS 10 or later App Store Address: Get Although as its name implies, you may think ApowerPDF Editor is a PDF editing tool, but it can also work as PDF reader…

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Practical Solutions to Read PDF Aloud on iPhone

Reading PDF files on your iPhone can strain your eyes, especially on the bus or taxi, because of the small text and bright light on your device. Aside from that, the elderly may have some problems reading eBooks, PDF and even web pages with their iPhone because of its small…

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5 Innovative Ways Companies Use PDF Editors

The popularity of the PDF editor software is steadily gaining traction. More than 80% of the world’s businesses and organizations use PDF as their standard document format and for good reasons. One of those reasons is the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) itself. In a ISO report, a number of…

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Top 7 PDF Scanner Apps (High Scores in App Stores)

7 Excellent Mobile PDF Scanner Apps Apowersoft ScannerGenius ScanScanbot ProScanner PDFCamScannerTinyScannerAdobe Scan Apowersoft PDF Scanner (iOS) App Store Score: 5.0 Price: $1.99 The first PDF scanner app we recommend is Apowersoft PDF Scanner. It is newly published but with strong features to scan PDF to images, PDF documents. And you…

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How to Batch Print PDF Files with a Few Clicks

I have a lot of PDF files that need to be printed during the day yet opening all of the PDF documents before printing is time-consuming. What should I do? In this situation, the best solution is to batch print PDF. In this article, we will help you find out…

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Best Resume Creators for Job Hunters in 2021

Awesome Resume Creators for an Excellent Resume ResumeNovoResumeResume BuildResumeGeniusZety Resume Builder Resume The first solution is a mobile app called Resume, which was developed by PathSource. This is a free application that provides 20 resume templates to help you apply for a job. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface…

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5 Time Management Tools to Help You Save Time

Are you feeling stressed or cramming at work because of deadlines? Do you feel bad about having a poor time management? We researched about some time management tools that you can utilize to make task and time more manageable and run securely on your computer and mobile devices. These will…

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5 Best Job-Hunting Apps & Tips for Finding a Job

Whether you have just graduated from university or you want to start a new career, job hunting is never easy. However, in modern times, technology has lessened the difficulty of job hunting. There’s no need for us to go through different newspapers to view the classified ads and check if…

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How to Convert PDF to Grayscale

2 Methods to Convert PDF to Grayscale Method 1: Desktop softwareMethod 2: Online apps Desktop Software ApowerPDF ApowerPDF is one of the best tools that can easily convert a PDF to black and white. This comprehensive program allows users to save their PDF file into grayscale without any hassle. Also,…

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4 Awesome Handwriting Recognition Apps

Are you tired of the old-school method of writing down notes on your lessons and then typing them on your mobile or computer again? Now, there is technology called OCR, which can extract the text in a PDF or images and convert the content to Word or other formats. However,…

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Easy Ways to Edit PDF in Google Docs

There are a lot of expensive editing PDF tools on the market these days. Although some of them work great and include many professional features, maybe you just want to find some free or cheap way to edit PDF. Most of you may consider Google Docs, as it is a…

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How to Convert HEIC to PDF

3 Practical Solutions to Convert HEIC to PDF Online SolutionDesktop SolutionOne-click Solution Apowersoft Online HEIC Converter with LightPDF Apowersoft Online HEIC Converter, as its name implies, is an online program for converting HEIC files. It lets users convert HEIC files to JPG instantly. Furthermore, this tool can do batch conversions….

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How to Copy Words from PDF

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to copy the content from a PDF file yet don’t have the time to re-type word by word? Don’t worry! We have several practical methods to extract text from PDF with just a few steps. LightPDF is a powerful online…

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Best Word to PDF software

In either your daily work or studies, there are many instances in which you may be required to create or submit documents in PDF form. When this happens, you will need a program to convert your Word files. We have searched several of such tools on the market and are…

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