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Best PDF Program for Mac

PDF can be viewed on any platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices, which has made it one of the most commonly used file formats in work, school, etc. Recently, Mac releases its new operating system, which is called Mojave. One the one hand, it provides some new…

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How to Turn PDF to HTML with Ease

PDF and HTML are files which contain texts, but both have some important differences. PDF is a digital printed file format which can be viewed offline or online. But it needs a third party application to read and edit it. In some cases, people can’t open or edit a PDF…

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Feasible Solutions to Add Stamp to PDF

Many people and business use noticeable markings on PDF documents to emphasize the status of a file, whether it needs to be signed, or it’s already approved. Some use it to direct the readers to a specific page, while others use it as a form of a watermark. However, placing…

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Free Solutions to Convert Key File to PDF

Keynote is a simple but powerful slideshow maker that is only available on Apple devices. It has the ability to create beautiful presentations in just a few seconds. However, for people using both Windows and Apple devices, it can sometimes be a frustrating experience, because Key file cannot be played…

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Review of 5 Web to PDF Converters

Most of us know that opening the web requires an internet connection. Sometimes, you wish to view the content offline so that you can access it anywhere. However, do you have any idea on how you can do it? Simply convert the web to PDF. Here, we will list the…

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Practical Solutions to Insert Page Numbers to PDF

How to add page numbers to PDF document? I want to add numbers to the pages, so I can easily know which page I am reading, and next time, I can get into the page without scrolling down the pages one by one. Actually, many users need to insert page…

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Free Ways to Insert PDF to Word Document

Undoubtedly, the best program for viewing, making, editing, and saving documents is Microsoft Word. Most people nowadays are very familiar with this software because it is a commonly used program at schools, offices, and even at home. MS Word is also great in presenting information, since you can basically insert…

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Feasible Ways to Convert AutoCAD DWG to PDF

DWG is a database that stores 2D or 3D vector image drawings from AutoCAD. It commonly comes with a CAD program. However, this kind of files can’t be viewed easily, if you don’t have the right tools to support this format. In order to view, print and transfer the content…

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3 Practical Solutions to Turn PDF into Excel

In business and our daily work, we often share a PDF table, as it is hard to modify, and it is easy to share and view among different platforms. However, when we need to calculate the statistics inside a PDF file, it may be difficult because PDF doesn’t contain the…

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Best PDF File Reader for Android

PDF is an integral part of our lives, as it is extremely light, portable and can even support a variety of document styles, from the text-heavy manuals to image-rich documents such as e-books and comics. And you probably already know where you can download PDF books and files. However, when…

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How to Convert GIF to PDF

You may have already learnt before how to convert JPG images to a PDF in order to create a portfolio, PDF book, or similar other digital content. However, for some other people, who want to view every image of GIF in PDF, finding a feasible conversion tool might not be…

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Top 5 PDF Password Removers

PDF files, especially for business purposes, are often encrypted with passwords for security. However, we sometimes want to open a PDF without typing a password every time. Thus, we may need a PDF password remover. Here are 5 excellent tools which can help. 5 PDF Password Unlockers LightPDFSoda PDFSmallpdfiLovePDFWondershare PDF…

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3 Solutions to Remove Protection from PDF

PDF is one of the best formats which can be shared among devices. For security purposes, sometimes we need to add a password to an important or private document to prevent others from opening or editing them. However, there are some cases where you want to get rid of your…

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Apps to Flip PDF Online You Can Rely On

It seems that you are having a PDF file in the wrong orientation and wondering about a tool that can help you correct it. Google has many suggestions on this kind of app. I guess you don’t want to try them one by one to select the one you like….

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The Best Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat

7 Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat LightPDFPDFescapePDFPenApowerPDFFoxit Phantom PDFSoda PDFNitro Pro 11 LightPDF LightPDF can be classified as one of the best alternative solutions for Adobe Acrobat. It can convert PDF to Word, PPT, images and vice versa, add watermark, protect and unlock PDF, edit PDF, OCR, etc. Reasons to be…

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