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Elise Channing is currently an editor for LightPDF who is living in UK. She was formerly a technology columnist, with extensive experience in IT and software support. She's been writing for 5 years and enjoys all things about technology. In her free time, she enjoys drinking tea, playing volleyball running, and Yoga.
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7 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2019

When researching on the internet, we mainly use br…

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Optimal Solutions to Turn Image to Text

To convert image to text is necessary, especially …

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How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac

We often need to use PDF for work or studies. We h…

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Excellent Methods to Create PDF from Word

Microsoft Word is a great program, probably the mo…

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Best PDF to Word Converters for Windows and Mac

Sometimes, editing a PDF file takes a lot of time …

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Excellent Tools for Students

Back in the days, when we mentioned tools for stud…

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Best PDF Converter for macOS 10.14

macOS 10.14 or Mojave is the 15th major operating …

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Top 5 PDF to JPG Programs (Windows & Mac)

PDF is commonly used on work places. It is a very …

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Top 3 Solutions to Encrypt PDF for Free

As we all know, PDF is not as easy to be modified …

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Best Way to Create Blank PDF Online

Portable Document Format or PDF is a flexible form…

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Practical Solutions to Convert HTML to PDF

There are some instances when we need to save a we…

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4 Tools to Move Pages in PDF

When editing a PDF file, sometimes, we may combine…

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Best Ways to Convert MOBI to PDF

MOBI is a format for eBook files designed to store…

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Excellent Solutions to Convert PDF to MP3

PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats,…

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7 Websites to Download PDF Books

We all know that reading is beneficial, because we…

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