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Elise Channing is currently an editor for LightPDF who is living in UK. She was formerly a technology columnist, with extensive experience in IT and software support. She's been writing for 5 years and enjoys all things about technology. In her free time, she enjoys drinking tea, playing volleyball running, and Yoga.
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7 Websites to Download PDF Books

If you want to find good PDF readers to view PDF on your devices, you could check these articles: Find best Android PDF readers here Find best iOS PDF readers here Find best Windows PDF readers here 7 websites to download books in PDF Library GenesisBookboon.comFree-Ebooks.netFree Computer BooksManyBooksCALAMEO PDF DOWNLOADERInternet…

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Finest Tools to Edit PDF on iPad / iPad Pro

LightPDF ApowerPDF Editor iAnnotate 4 PDF Expert LightPDF – Free Online PDF Editor The first tool on our list is a web-based PDF editor called LightPDF. This application works perfectly on computers and portable devices such as iOS devices. There’s no need for additional software to be used with the…

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5 Excellent Android PPT to PDF Converters

People use PPT to make presentations using a collection of slides. Teachers often use it to discuss and present their lessons in front of their students, and there are times that you need to send PPT documents to your co-teacher using your mobile phones. Unfortunately, not all have an Office to read this…

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Feasible Solutions to Copy Text from Webpage

I have to write a research paper for school and I’ll use some references from the internet. Luckily, I found an article that I can use as my reference but the website is protected. Can I copy text directly from a protected website? Or is there another way or tool to…

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How to Convert XML to PDF with Ease

Extensive Markup Language (XML) is used to transfer data, configure the framework, create information formats and electronic documents. Some people want to protect their XML codes from other people because XML file encodes in plain text. Therefore, everyone can open it in any text editor. Having said that, you will…

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Easiest Solutions to Convert XLS to PDF

Converting XLS file to PDF will allow everyone to easily open and share XLS file. Sometimes, you need to send XLS files to your partners but unfortunately, they have no Office app to read XLS formats. Therefore, you need to convert XLS file to PDF first so that they can…

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Best Free Collaboration Tools in 2021

Collaboration is when different people work together share ideas and strategies to come up with new solutions. But there are times when you are not available physically to brainstorm with your team. Luckily, we have here the best free online collaboration tools. Top 7 Collaboration Tools Free GitMind WebEx Asana ProofHub…

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Best Accounting Apps (Business & Personal Usage)

Are you having trouble managing your small business’s finances? Some business owners want to learn the proper way of tracking the money they receive, owe and are owed. With some accounting apps, you’ll get a basic overview of your financial situation even if you are not an accounting expert. Now, in this…

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How to Redact PDF Document Easily

PDF is a commonly-used document format in business and education. And sometimes you need to collaborate and work on the same PDF document with others. However, if there is some private information you don’t want others to see while distributing the documents to them, it would be a good idea to redact information…

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8 Best Self-Development Websites

Learning and self-development is a lifelong journey. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites providing personal development tips and resources, so you will be able to achieve the best performance and become a professional. Here we summarized some of the best personal development websites, so let’s check them out. Most Recommended Personal Development Websites Skills you Need…

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How to Create a PDF with Ease?

There are some cases when you are responsible for making a PDF file for your company’s financial report, or a review of a movie that you have watched. You may need to start a project, want to create a PDF form and invite others to fill in it. There are many cases that you…

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8 Best PDF Apps for Android

In our daily work or study, we may encounter some documents in PDF format. With this format, we can read the content easily on any devices, even on our Android devices, and the layout or fonts inside the documents won’t be affected. But if you do get a PDF file…

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How to Take Notes Nicely and Quickly

Tips on how to Take Good Notes Digital NotesPaper Notes Take Digital Notes ApowerPDF ApowerPDF is an example of a tool that you can use to take notes digitally. Why use this tool? Mainly because, PDF file format is flexible, it is a small sized file compared to other formats…

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7 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2021

When researching on the internet, we mainly use browsers, among which Chrome is a popular choice. With the Chrome browser, you can type in the keywords and search reliable information by yourself. However, Chrome can do more than searching for information. The Chrome Web Store now offers many useful extensions…

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Optimal Solutions to Turn Image to Text

To convert image to text is necessary, especially if you need to extract some important content that is printed on reading materials. Yes, writing or typing the text manually is an option, but if you’re in a hurry and if the text is too long, it would be better to…

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