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Elise Channing is currently an editor for LightPDF who is living in UK. She was formerly a technology columnist, with extensive experience in IT and software support. She's been writing for 5 years and enjoys all things about technology. In her free time, she enjoys drinking tea, playing volleyball running, and Yoga.
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How to Turn PDF into Dark Mode 2022

List of Dark Mode PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader Foxit  PDF Reader Xodo PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader has an array of editing and converting tools that let you have a less stressful PDF experience. Besides that, it is supported with a night mode feature that makes…

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How to Share Links of PDF Files

Let other people view, edit, annotate and comment on your PDF document straightforwardly without the need to download the file on their devices. As most files can be accessed, stored, and shared using cloud-based services and other online platforms. Today, brace yourself with LightPDF Editor to easily share PDF links….

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How to translate PDF text directly in a PDF Reader?

3 PDF readers with translator you can try PDF Book Translator Google Docs DocTranslator PDF Book Translator PDF Book Translator is first on our list. It is not a professional PDF reader, but you can still read PDFs in it, and translate them into a language that you can understand….

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Tools to Convert PDF to PNG with Selectable dpi Options

Most people know they can Google how to convert PDF to JPG. A bunch of PDF tools can solve this small problem easily. However, they may not search “PDF to PNG”, because PNG is not as widely used as JPG. The truth is, PNG is actually higher quality than JPG….

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How to make 2 pdf pages into One Single Page?

We’d like to introduce the process of combining multiple PDF pages into one page. It’s an operation of changing one-page-per-sheet PDF into a two-page-per-sheet PDF. This saves readers the trouble of turning pages and places compiles all the information in one. And of course, it is also environmentally friendly! To…

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How to convert PDF to transparent PNG with 2 steps

Steps to convert PDF to transparent PNG: Convert PDF to PNG Remove background of png LightPDF LightPDF is an online PDF tool with both editing and converting functions. You can always find the solution to deal with your PDF-related problems. This time, we only need one function, that is “Convert…

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How to Split Scanned PDF in Easy Ways?

So you came across a scanned PDF file that you need to split. Scanned pdf files are created by scanning a paper document, which converts it to an electronic format. Sometimes, they might look like the regular PDFs. However, since they are scanned, there’s no individual text. Rather, it’s an…

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How to Edit Scanned PDF Documents with OCR

Dealing with a scanned PDF file that needs to be modified is very troublesome. There will be instances when you directly edit a scanned PDF but the text, images, forms are still uneditable. Thus, in order to make it happen, you need to have a powerful tool with an OCR…

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5 Tips to Simplify Your Tax Prep Using LightPDF

We must say that tax season is really a busy period for the reason that all income taxes must be filed until the deadline which is typically April 15, Wherein, individual tax contributors prepare financial statements and reports from the preceding year. Many taxpayers think that this season is a…

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6 Best PDF Markup Apps on Windows Worth to Try

Portable Document Format is very beneficial to schools, businesses, and offices for it can be can easily be used to access and share documents. If you are worried about damaging format quality when you need to transfer a file, you can use the PDF format. However, we can’t deny that…

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Best Ways to Convert PDF to Word for Android

4 Tools to Convert PDF to Word for Android LightPDFApowersoft PDF ConverterOfficeSuiteAble2Extract PDF Converter LightPDF LightPDF is a free online PDF converter and editor which can do several conversions with other popular formats such as word, PNG, JPG, PPT, and Excel. Converting and editing PDF files is absolutely safe and…

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How to Change PDF Background Color

How to change PDF background color Use Desktop Tool Use Free Web-Service Use LightPDF Editor To change background of PDF in a stable way, you can use a desktop application called LightPDF Editor. This is a jam-packed PDF viewer and editor that is capable of handling different types of PDF…

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7 Websites to Download PDF Books

If you want to find good PDF readers to view PDF on your devices, you could check these articles: Find review of 10 Best PDF Editor for Windows 10 in 2022 Find best Android PDF readers here Find best iOS PDF readers here Find best Windows PDF readers here 7…

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Finest Tools to Edit PDF on iPad / iPad Pro

LightPDF ApowerPDF Editor iAnnotate 4 PDF Expert LightPDF – Free Online PDF Editor The first tool on our list is a web-based PDF editor called LightPDF. This application works perfectly on computers and portable devices such as iOS devices. There’s no need for additional software to be used with the…

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5 Excellent Android PPT to PDF Converters

People use PPT to make presentations using a collection of slides. Teachers often use it to discuss and present their lessons in front of their students, and there are times that you need to send PPT documents to your co-teacher using your mobile phones. Unfortunately, not all have an Office to read this…

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