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Elise Channing is currently an editor for LightPDF who is living in UK. She was formerly a technology columnist, with extensive experience in IT and software support. She's been writing for 5 years and enjoys all things about technology. In her free time, she enjoys drinking tea, playing volleyball running, and Yoga.
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How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac

We often need to use PDF for work or studies. We have to convert PDF to an editable format when we need to edit or modify PDF files. PDF is generally converted to a Word document for easier editing. But we usually can’t find a converter when we need to…

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Excellent Methods to Create PDF from Word

Microsoft Word is a great program, probably the most powerful word-processing software that exists, but unfortunately there are certain cases in which you may not be able to view these files on certain devices. While Word documents are very useful and widely-supported, PDF files are generally available on all platforms….

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Best PDF to Word Converters for Windows and Mac

Sometimes, editing a PDF file takes a lot of time and effort. What’s more, some PDF editors are not powerful enough to modify the contents of a PDF document in the way you want to change them. However, if you have a PDF to Word program, things will become much…

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Excellent Tools for Students

Back in the days, when we mentioned tools for students, we basically talked about books and other reading materials. However, now everything is advanced and digital, plus portable devices like laptops and smart phones come in handy. Through the help of these modern devices, students can easily create images, documents,…

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Best PDF Converter for macOS 10.14

macOS 10.14 or Mojave is the 15th major operating system for Mac computers, which was released on September 24, 2018. The version has packed some new features, including dark mode, group FaceTime, redesigned Mac App Store, continuity camera, improved screenshots and security, so on and so forth. These will make…

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Top 5 PDF to JPG Programs (Windows & Mac)

PDF is commonly used on work places. It is a very convenient format since they take a little space on your hard drive, and it is compatible in almost all platforms. However, sometimes we just need some pages of a PDF file or we want to view the content as…

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Top 3 Solutions to Encrypt PDF for Free

As we all know, PDF is not as easy to be modified as Word, which makes it widely used among businessmen and other users. However, what if the content is highly confidential and you don’t want it public to everyone? Then, you need to use a password to protect your…

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Best Way to Create Blank PDF Online

Portable Document Format or PDF is a flexible format that works on almost any device. This format is known for its reliable saving feature. When saving a file using this format, it guarantees there will be no quality loss, and the final appearance of your file is not affected. There…

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Practical Solutions to Convert HTML to PDF

There are some instances when we need to save a webpage to view it later. The traditional way of saving webpages is by turning it into an HTML file. However, HTML format lacks versatility and ability to edit. Aside from that, you can’t view it without an internet connection. Thus,…

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4 Tools to Move Pages in PDF

When editing a PDF file, sometimes, we may combine multiple PDF content into one document. However, sometimes, when we download and get the merged file, we find that some of the pages are in the wrong position. You can start over to combine the files again, but you can also…

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Best Ways to Convert MOBI to PDF

MOBI is a format for eBook files designed to store digital books with low bandwidth and low-end mobile devices. It is good for eBooks with plaintext and advanced navigations. However, it lacks power and flexibility since it is only readable using the Amazon Kindle program. If you want to view…

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Excellent Solutions to Convert PDF to MP3

PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats, since it can be viewed on different platforms. Sometimes, people prefer listening to an audio to reading a PDF, especially when they are doing something. You can convert PDF to MP3. In this way, you can listen to PDF with…

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How to Create Fillable PDF Forms

4 Helpful Tools to Create Fillable PDF Forms JotformApowerPDFPDFescapeAdobe Acrobat DC Jotform Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Unlike other PDF programs, this tool works solely in making PDF forms. There’s no need for special skills in using this tool, the program provides multiple templates for users. It has website…

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Feasible Solutions to Change Orientation of PDF

There may be times that your PDF file is in the wrong orientation. This may cause some trouble such as inconvenience in reading, editing, etc. Hence, in this situation, the quick way is to find some tools to change orientation of PDF. Here we prepare the best techniques for you….

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Best Ways to Delete Pages from PDF

While creating a PDF file, sometimes, not all of its pages are needed for the final version. Hence, what you need to do is to delete pages in PDF document. As we all know, basic PDF readers are not capable of providing additional editing functions. And to successfully get rid…

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