API Pricing Explanation
LightPDF Converter API adopts a billing method that combines pay-by-quantity and QPS:
QPS=2 (default), billing unit is 0.05 USD/time
· If you need to add 1 QPS, then the billing unit will increase by 20%, that is, the final calculation will be 0.05*1.2=0.06 USD;
· If you need to continue to add 1 QPS, that is, the final calculation is 0.05*1.4=0.07 USD;
· Billing is only performed for successfully processed files.
· Every 20MB of the file costs one credit. If the file size is less than 20M, it will be counted as 20M;
· Every 100 pages of the file costs one credit. If the file is less than 100 pages, it will be counted as 100 pages.
(The above counting scheme takes its maximum value. For example, if the file size is 60M and the number of pages is 360, then counted as 360/100≈4, and it costs 4 credits)
What is QPS?
QPS (Queries per second) refers to the maximum number of tasks that can be submitted per second.
Assuming QPS=2, only up to 2 conversion tasks can be submitted per second. The required QPS needs to be reasonably estimated based on the number of users.
Can this API be deployed privately?
Currently, it supports privatized deployment services related to PDF to Word conversion, please contact us for details.
How do we keep your files safe?
- After the file processing is completed, regardless of success or failure, your source files and processed files will be physically deleted within 60 minutes to 75 minutes.
- We promise not to look at any of your files.
- If you feel that the file processing effect is not as expected, you can send the file to us for investigation, and we will continue to provide high-quality customer service and support.
Does the API interface provide active callback?
When creating a task, you can carry the callback_url parameter. When the task status or progress changes, the callback_url will be actively called back to notify the receiver of the data.
How to issue an invoice after the purchase is complete?
You can get an invoice through "My Orders" in the upper right corner of the website. If you have more questions, please contact us.
Is the data stored locally or in the cloud, and can it be used offline?
All data will be stored in the cloud server and internet access is required when using it.
What is the validity period of the API credits after purchase?
Trial credits are valid for one month and purchased credits are valid for one year (from the date of purchase).
If you still have questions, you can
contact us