Where We Started
In 1992, Charles Geschke invented the PDF format in order to avoid the distortion of documents during the transmission. When you first start to use PDF, you may have some doubts, such as: "How do I edit it?" or "How to convert PDF to Word document?", etc. LightPDF is born to solve such doubts.

In 2015, our original intention was to make PDF easier to use, and we are committed to providing customers with convenient, simple and secure solutions.
Create a Paperless World
LightPDF focuses on social and environmental issues. Through the continuous iteration and optimization of digital office software, it helps to reduce the waste of resources caused by paper documents.

We hope to improve the efficiency of collaboration and realize paperless office and study. We call on everyone to reduce paper usage and make the planet we live in a more beautiful place.
Brand Stories
For 7 years, our team has been developing technologies in the areas of PDF conversion, text editing, electronic signatures, and more. We believe true creativity happens when we have time to be in deep flow. We continue to explore cloudification, interconnection, cross-platform solutions.

Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do when developing LightPDF. In the future, we will continue to work hard to provide users with simple and efficient PDF solutions, focus on the field of digital documents, provide one-stop PDF solutions for individuals and enterprises, and become the world's leading PDF service brand.
Make PDF Easy
Save people time by making the world more productive.
Become the world's leading PDF software
What We Gained
January 2015
The team was formed to support PDF solutions within the company
October 2016
We began to study the conversion technology between PDF and Office document format
January 2018
We launched a new brand, LightPDF, to provide users with one-stop PDF service.
April 2019
LightPDF launched a PDF conversion solution that supports all platforms
May 2020
PDF editing function covered all terminals and allows users to edit PDF files on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
June 2020
A breakthrough was made in PDF to Office technology, providing users with high-precision conversion solutions
December 2021
We released a more lightweight, efficient and easy-to-use PDF editor - LightPDF
June 2022
LightPDF SDK 1.0 was launched, providing developers with quick access to PDF SDK
August 2022
A breakthrough was made in PDF to Office technology, which can help achieve more accurate output, and make editing easier
September 2022
We launched LightPDF Android and iOS versions, gradually transformed to SaaS mode, and began to further explore cloud-based PDF documents
October 2022
Become a member of the International PDF Association
To be continued
Stable Service and Smooth Communication
Internet Enterprise VP
Glad that we found a fast conversion API solution with fast speed, stable service, and excellent document conversion effect. My business initiates tens of thousands of requests every day, and within a year of our access to the service, there has never been a problem with this interface.