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Best 10 Website that Summarizes Articles

You know how sometimes articles, reports, or even books can be long and take forever to get through? Well, think of these websites as your reading helper. It turns all those long texts into short, easy-to-read summaries. It’s perfect for anyone who’s busy but still wants to know what’s happening. Whether you’re a student with loads of homework, someone who wants to keep up with the latest news, or just curious about many things but don’t have the time to read it all, these websites are like having a friend who gives you the core of everything. It makes sure you get the important stuff without spending hours reading. So, welcome to a more straightforward way to stay in the know – choose the best website that summarizes text tools in this list.

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10 Website that Summarizes Articles 


LightPDF AI for Docs is a practical website summarizer that quickly helps you shorten lengthy documents with a single click, transforming pages of text into brief, comprehensible summaries. This makes it ideal for those with tight schedules. The tool goes beyond just summarizing; it includes multi-chat docs, follow-up questions, and OCR, enhancing its versatility for various document-related tasks. Its intuitive design facilitates efficient document management, saving time for users. Perfect for students, professionals, or anyone juggling a lot of reading with limited time, LightPDF AI for Docs acts as an efficient multitasking assistant, streamlining work processes.


TLDF is like a brilliant friend who helps you read faster. While most website that summarizes text only shorten long articles and make them smaller, TLDF does it especially. Besides, it knows precisely what you find exciting and keeps only those parts, ensuring you get all the good stuff without the extra fluff. Additionally, what makes TLDF special is how it understands what you’re reading. It’s like a detective, picking out the most significant bits. Where in, not just the main story but also the little details that make it more interesting. More than just making things shorter; it’s about keeping it fun and valuable for you.

website summarizer tldf


Scholarcy is a unique online tool designed as a website that summarizes articles, offering a quick and efficient way to understand research papers, reports, and book chapters. Its AI-powered system breaks down documents into bite-sized sections, saving significant time. Beyond summarization, Scholarcy also extracts vital facts, figures, and references, creating summary flashcards for easy review. Additionally, it links to open-access versions of cited sources. It can remove tables and images, making it a comprehensive tool for academics, students, and professionals looking to quickly grasp the essence of lengthy documents.

website that summarizes text scholarcy


SMMRY is a straightforward and efficient online tool designed as a website summarizer for articles, essays, and documents. Its functionality is just simple. You paste in text or a URL, and it quickly provides a shortened version, highlighting the main points. SMMRY is ideal for students, researchers, or anyone needing to grasp the essence of lengthy content quickly. It also offers customization options, such as setting the number of sentences for the summary. This tool is a time-saver, especially for those who need to process large amounts of information quickly and efficiently.

website that summarizes articles smmry


Smodin is a website that summarizes text. It is a highly efficient and user-friendly tool that lets users quickly and easily condense lengthy articles, essays, and documents into shorter, more manageable versions. This tool is designed to cater to people who need more time but require essential information from significant texts. It’s simple and practical design makes it an ideal choice for students, professionals, and anyone who requires quick summaries. Smodin’s summarizer helps grasp complex or dense material in a more concise and straightforward format.

website summarizer smodin


The Semrush Summary Generator is a website that summarizes articles and uses AI to help you translate text. It’s free of charge and can handle different types of lengthy text, such as articles and paragraphs. By identifying the most critical points in the text, the tool can produce a concise summary quickly and effectively. You can choose to have the summary as a paragraph or bullet points. This tool is an excellent resource for you who want to save time and energy when summarizing content. It’s perfect for content creators, students, and professionals.


The Scribbr Text Summarizer is a convenient website summarizer tool designed to help with academic research, business needs, and everyday reading. It efficiently condenses long texts into clear, concise summaries in bullet points or shorter paragraphs. This tool is handy for simplifying complex or technical language, making it accessible for you who need to understand complex material quickly. It’s also versatile, capable of summarizing articles, paragraphs, and essays, and ensures quick results while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

website that summarizes textscribbr


The Paraphraser.io Text Summarizer is an advanced AI-powered tool that offers a detailed and refined approach to summarizing text. This website that summarizes text designed to condense long documents, making them easier to understand. Its ability to maintain the original context while providing a clear, concise summary sets it apart. Besides, this tool is handy for those who deal with large volumes of text and need to extract the essence while quickly maintaining essential details. It’s user-friendly and supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a broad audience. The tool’s bullet point feature and adjustable summary length also offer flexibility to cater to different summarization needs.

website that summarizes articles paraphraser


PopAI is a website that summarizes articles platforms that have been specially designed for those engaged in content creation and analysis. This advanced tool is specifically built to utilize the power of artificial intelligence to help users generate, optimize, and understand content more effectively. With its AI-driven approach, PopAI is a valuable asset for marketing professionals and digital content creators, providing insights and suggestions to help them enhance the quality of their content and improve audience engagement. 

website summarizer popai


SciSummary is an AI-powered website summarizer tool designed to summarize scientific articles and research papers. It uses advanced AI models, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, to provide concise and accurate summaries. This tool is particularly beneficial for scientists, students, and research enthusiasts who need to understand complex scientific material quickly. SciSummary also offers a range of plans, including a free option and various paid tiers, to suit different user needs. With its focus on simplifying scientific texts, SciSummary aims to make scientific knowledge more accessible and easier to digest.

website that summarizes text scisummary


Websites that summarize articles play a crucial role in today’s world. They offer a practical solution for individuals overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content available. By condensing lengthy texts into concise, understandable summaries, these tools enable users to grasp critical information and stay informed quickly. They cater to various needs, from academic research to casual reading, and are invaluable for anyone looking to save time while staying updated.

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