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Google Chrome Extension
Add LightPDF to your Google Chrome browser and get instant access to our AI-powered chat with PDF feature.
G Suite Add-on
Install our add-on and chat with PDF while opening a PDF file in your Google Drive.
Accurate & Reliable
LightPDF provides precise answers with cited sources. You can click the references/footnotes to locate where the AI gets the answers from.
Chat with Multiple Files
With this feature, you can upload more than 1 document at a time and interact with them. LightPDF can be your AI assistant in document analysis, research, etc.
Extract Information
Extract the texts from uploaded content quickly, scanned documents and webpages are also supported. It can display answers in markdown, table and other formats.

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Ask questions to uploaded documents, and get answers instantly

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Level up your workflow by engaging with your documents and extracting valuable insights instantly.
LightPDF AI Chat for Docs
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