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LightPDF AI | Featured on Futurepedia
Why Chat with Docs?
This intelligent program can save you time reading entire text and sorting out the main points of the documents. LightPDF AI chatdocs tool can help you quickly understand the file content by talking to the docs.
What Can I Use it for?
This AI-powered chat for docs application supports data extraction, document insights, and more. You can upload PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT documents to analyze. The files will be deleted after processing.
How Does it Work?
Equipped with AI, this online tool has strong text comprehension and summarization capabilities. It is compatible with any device and has no limitations to the file size, upload times, or question sessions.

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Level up your workflow by engaging with your documents and extracting valuable insights instantly.
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LightPDF AI Chat for Docs

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How to Use LightPDF Chat for Docs?
Upload a file and then enter a clear and specific question you want to know from the document, after that you can get the answer. The better prompt you provide, the better result you will get.
Is my document safe when uploaded to LightPDF?
Your document's security is our top concern. When you finish the chat sessions and leave our website, our servers will delete your file. And documents submitted will not be used for service improvements (including model training)
Which platforms are supported by this AI-powered document chat tool?
LightPDF AI for docs is an online application, which means you can use it for document Q&A on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
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