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OCR service can convert PDF and image files (JPG & PNG) into editable formats. Join OCR VIP, and you can turn PDF and images into Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, PDF, and RTF files without quality loss. Moreover, OCR VIP allows users to select one or more languages to recognize, while non-VIP members can only choose one language, and select TXT as the output format. For all users (VIP & non-VIP), the service only supports files within 30 MB.

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How to Use OCR Online?

Upload a PDF or image, select the language(s) included in source file, choose the output format and click "Convert". After it finishes the recognition process, you can download the document.

High Accuracy

No matter whether it's the free or paid service, LightPDF OCR service will extract almost all the text from a PDF or image to the selected document format. And the exported file will maintain the same layout as in the source file.

Clean and No Ads

You can fully enjoy the functions of this online tool and won't find any disturbing ads. And the interface is very clean and clear, so you won’t be distracted by any unnecessary information.

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