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Best AI Tools for Students 2024 (Free+Paid) Updated

Make your academic journey simpler with the best AI tools for students. No need to deal with complicated interfaces - these user-friendly tools effortlessly enhance your educational experience. Whether you need help with studying or staying organized, these software and apps are here to make student life easier. They offer a straightforward and accessible way to achieve academic excellence. Discover how these AI tools can benefit students and make learning more manageable.

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10 Must-Have AI Tools For Students To Help You Study

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How Can AI Tools For Students Be Helpful?

It is exciting to see the implementation of AI in the field of education and study. It frees students from mechanical and repetitive homework, and instead throw their energy and time to those that they are more interested in personally. AI can help them create the specilized study plan that cater to their personality and interests, overcome the language barries, make knowledge accessible than ever before , etc. In short, it is a creative way to improve students’ performance, and each srudent has equale opportunity to succeed.

What Are The Benefits Of AI Tools For Students?

For example, AI powered reading assistant can help students understanding complex researches, obscure articles, and long documentation faster and easier. AI writing software enables them to create well-writen content, and many more. However, Every coin has two sides. It is important to note that students shouldn’t abuse AI tools for students and be too lazy to learn yourself. We should use it as a complementory tool to enhance learning process, instead of doing nothing ourselves but using AI to complete the tasks we should complete.

10 Best AI Tools for Students

Here are the best 10 AI tools for students in 2023. From intelligent study assistants to advanced research aids, explore a new era of educational support with these cutting-edge AI solutions.

LightPDF AI for Docs – Best AI File Summarizer

  • Operating System: Web, Windows, Mac, Android & iOS
  • Price: Freemium and starting at $13.99

LightPDF AI for Docs stands out as one of the best AI software for students that you could ever have. It not only helps summarize documents effectively but also allows you to have conversations with it. Whether your files are in PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, Text, scanned formats or even website url, this tool provides instant and concise summarization and analysis.

Powered by GPT-4, this tool gives students answers in easy-to-read formats like paragraphs, lists, and tables. It also includes handy features like multi-document chats, OCR (text extraction from images), and follow-up questions. You’ll receive accurate answers with cited sources. Plus, you can upload multiple documents at once and interact with them. If you want to chat with your non-editable images, or files, the OCR functionality help you to convert them into PDF or other editable format first, then you can start your conversation with them. As a web service, you can run this best AI software for students on devices running Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Start using LightPDF AI for Docs to explore and expand your knowledge across various topics.

GitMind – Best AI Mind Mapping Software

  • Operating System: Web, Windows, Android & iOS
  • Price: Freemium and start at $9

Mind mapping has always been a solution to students who are having difficulty in memorizing and need to fix their notes. Now with GitMind, one of the go-to AI tools for students, it will let you think outside the box and help you out on that. This tool will help students to create mind maps, concept maps, diagrams, flowcharts, and more. 

As you explore this program further, it’s worth noting that it offers various templates to boost your creativity during brainstorming. GitMind provides preset maps for your use, but you also have the option to create one from the beginning. You can also easily share your mindmap with others especially when you are working on a team project. The most exciting part of it is now it has integration with AI that will have you use ChatGPT to summarize your mindmap, or providing you with suggestions on your thoughts.

best ai tools for students gitmind

QuillBot -Best AI Paraphrasing Tool

  • Operating System: Web, Mac, Chrome extension
  • Price: Freeium, and start at $19.95

QuillBot is one of the best AI tools for students that will help students to proofread their written works at ease. With QuillBot, you have control over the level of vocabulary modification you prefer. Utilizing the synonym slider allows for a more precise rephrasing. Additionally, the AI-powered thesaurus provides an extensive list of suggested synonyms, helping you find the ideal words that match the content of your sentences.

Quillbot essentially rearranges words and phrases, substitutes synonyms, and simplifies language through machine learning. It’s mainly handy for rewriting articles. With this students will have confidence to submit their assignments. However, I wouldn’t recommend using it for creative writing like literature, fiction, or poetry.

best ai software for students quillbot

Grammarly- Best AI Writing Assistance

  • Operating System: Web, Windows, Android & iOS
  • Price: Freemium, and start at $30

Grammarly is a well-known AI writing assistance tool that can help students improve their writing skills. Being one of the best AI software for students, Grammarly advances from just being a grammar checker to writing assistant that you may rely on. This software is available on desktop, web apps, and software plugins. 

This tool efficiently scans your work to find mistakes, errors, and issues with structure and content. The app or browser gives real-time suggestions and guidelines on how to correct these mistakes. Some common examples include spelling errors, misuse of punctuation marks, and complicated sentences. With the additional assistance of AI, this tool suggests more concise and clearer rewrites for students.

best ai apps for students grammarly

QuizGecko -Best AI Question Generator

  • Operating System: Web
  • Price: Freemium, and start at $12

Enhance your learning experience with QuizGecko, one of the best AI apps for students that can be used for tests, quizs, and exams. This app can be used to create questions for reviewing your study within a stage. It will provide quizzes, flashcards, and notes tailored to your specific learning requirements, saving time, improving retention, and helping you perform well in exams without any hassle.

To get started, simply sign up and start uploading text from books, articles, documents, or websites. QuizGecko will then generate quizzes based on the content that you provide. You can also customize the difficulty level to match your academic level, whether you’re in middle school or college. The Pro version lets you input up to 5000 characters for more accurate results.

ai tools for students quizgecko

Slidesgo – Best AI Presentation Maker

  • Operating System: Web
  • Price: Freemium, and start at $2.99

Slidesgo is another one of the  top-notch AI tools for students that can easily let you make your own presentations. It’s referred to as the “AI Presentation Maker,” enabling you to create engaging slideshows that cater to your preferences. You can freely select the topic, tone, and style, and the AI feature will handle the rest, giving you a satisfying result. 

By just typing the particular topic of the presentation that you want, and then the AI will generate the slides for you. What you need to do is to choose your preferred slide designs, colors, and tone. If you are not satisfied with some content in it, you can manually modify them if needed. As to the students who lack of inspiration or limited time to create a stunning presentation, this is a really nice tool to go, saving time, and boosting inspiration.

best ai tools for students slidesgo

Notion -Best AI Notes Organizer

  • Operating System: Web
  • Price: Freemium, and start at $10

Stay organized with Notion. This app can be one of the best AI tools for students that you should include on your must-have AI educational assistants. It has the standard formatting you’d expect in a note organizer, allowing you to format text with bold, numbered lists, and bullet points.

Beyond basic text, Notion also supports math equations and symbols using LaTeX syntax. It can handle everything from fractions to differential equations, making it versatile for note-taking and creating study guides. Additionally, you can choose how to visualize your notes, whether in a table, calendar, or multiple columns on the same page. Notion offers a range of possibilities to help you stay organized and enhance your study materials.

best ai software for students notion

Knowji -Best AI Vocabulary Enhancer

  • Operating System: Android & iOS
  • Price: Freemium

Knowji is a research-based audiovisual vocabulary tool and can be your best AI software for students. This tool offers a fresh way to learn vocabulary. It uses proven methods and entertaining content to make learning engaging and effective. With a built-in memory coach, Knowji ensures that the words you learn stick in your long-term memory. The goal is to help you learn quickly and remember everything.

Knowji also monitors your  progress with each word, prioritizing words you find challenging. It employs a spaced repetition algorithm that predicts when you might forget a word, prompting you to review it just before that happens. This strategy ensures that you retain everything you’ve learned in your long-term memory.

best ai apps for students knowji

Tutor.ai -Best AI Tutor

  • Operating System: Web
  • Price: Freemium

Tutorai.me is a unique online learning platform with a wide range of courses in different subjects. It can be the best AI apps for students that will help in coding, language, music, or fitness. With this tool, you can learn at your own speed. 

You can explore topics that match your interests and academic requirements on Tutorai.me. You can also keep track of your progress throughout the course and use tools to identify areas for improvement. As an online platform, you can access your courses from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you the flexibility to learn at home or on the go.

ai tools for students tutorai

Copyscape -Best AI Plagiarism Checker

  • Operating System: Web
  • Price: Freemium

Copyscape is an online tool that helps people find plagiarism. Millions of website owners use it worldwide to make sure their new content is an original one, preventing them from having the same writings.

Copyscape is a helpful AI tool for students, because it will help you to check Google and Bing to find if someone is using your work without permission. If it finds any issues on it, you can reach out to the website owner and formally ask them to remove the content or take further action through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act with search engines. You can also use to create your own articles if you want to quote someone’s content. This is very helpful for university students who are working on their essays.

best ai tools for students copyscape

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the online market is teeming with some of the best AI tools for students. The key is to explore and experience these tools firsthand to discern which ones align with your needs. Consider whether these tools will potentially redefine your study experience, offering invaluable support throughout your educational journey. Take the plunge, try them out, and witness the transformative impact of these AI solutions on your learning endeavor. 

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