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No matter what stage you are in life, there is still room to explore the world that is full of curiosity. Gaining some knowledge and positive perspectives towards education may give us the urge to improve productivity. Thus, we have compiled the best youtube study channels to uplift your spirit and awaken your interest in learning new things.

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Youtube Study Music Channels

Do you know that music can help you relax and improve focus? Well, it has been proven that listening to music while studying can build up concentration. With this, we sought the best study music youtube channel to help relieve stress for students and get a relaxing studying vibe.

1. Yellow Brick Cinema

Yellow Cinema Youtube Channel

The Yellow Brick Cinema gained support and positive feedback from more than 5 million subscribers. This youtube channel promotes videos and live streams that let you relax, unwind, and restore energy. From its world-class composers, you can choose an ideal background to help you focus, study, and improve mental wellness over school pressure.

2. Lofi Girl

Lofi Girl Youtube Channel

Lofi Girl is for people who find hip-hop beats effective to stimulate study mood. This youtube channel has over 9 million subscribers. In fact, it features an animated girl taking notes at a desk which is the epitome of a good study habit. And the calmness of its background beats, helps you relax and be fruitful while dealing with your boring schoolwork.

Study Tip Channels to Keep Motivated

We can’t deny that we come to the point of our life where we feel burnout, especially during exam days. To cope with it, you can take a break or you can watch some of these youtube study channels for you to relieve stress and keep motivated.

1. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal Youtube Channel

Ali Abdaal, who is a 27-year-old YouTuber and a medical graduate, is inspiring people to become happier and healthier. He shows his journey on how to study for exams, be productive, and become successful. As of now, his more than 2 million subscribers are getting motivated by the life and study tips he shares.

2. Study to Success by Estella

Study to Success Youtube Channel

If you’re emotionally drained, you can watch some motivational videos on Study to Success. Estella, the person behind this account, offers tips for studying, productivity, and stationery making. She aims to inspire her 1.36 million studytubers on how to overcome distractions such as laziness and bad study habits.

3. ProjectElon

ProjectElon Youtube Channel

ProjectElon is a study youtube channel that helps motivate students to improve their academic performance. He does vlogging to give tips for those who struggle with their late-night grinds and preparing for exams. Today, he is already changing the lives of more than 800k subscribers with his study advice and motivation content.

Best Study Vloggers

Many students are struggling nowadays to maintain focus since most classes are conducted online. Dealing with tons of school requirements may consume a lot of their time and effort. Hence, these Youtubers may serve as an inspo to lift studying mood.

1. Holly Gabrielle

Holly Gabrielle Youtube Channel

Holly Gabrielle provides a different perspective on the youtube community. Her vlogs aim to share wisdom, especially on natural science and biology topics. In addition to this, she updates her over 400 thousand study youtube community on her studying journey.

2. Ruby Granger

Ruby Granger Youtube Channel

This Study Enthusiast has been a reliable source for her book recommendations and school essentials. Currently, she captivates 688 thousand subscribers with her inspirational study sessions and life advice. And she loves to share her experiences and tips on her study youtube channel.

3. UnJaded Jade

Unjaded Jade Youtube Channel

As one of the first StudyTuber, UnJaded Jaded is spreading positive vibes to the youtube community. She shows fascinating videos on how to overcome stressful educational journeys. With that, she motivates more than a half-million subscribers to dream despite challenges in life.

Educational Authorities

Youtube has been a sharing ground for people who wants to share ideas and opinions on the internet. In this manner, we got these educational authorities that have been touching lives through their positive perspective and advice.

1. TED x Talks

TED x Talks Youtube Channel

TED x Talks is a non-profit international community channel that showcases different types of talks in TED-Style conferences. It creates educational videos with creative and scientific concepts for its over 33 million subscribers. Usually, speakers give 18 minutes or less of a short talk to different speakers to express well-formed ideas, beliefs, and perspectives.

2. The Economist

The Economist Youtube Channel

One of Youtube educational authorities, The Economist is known for giving credible insights and opinions. It talks about international news, business, politics, science, technology, and many more. It is great for anyone who wants to deeply understand issues and unique topics around the world.


We acknowledge the struggles of learners to keep up with their mountains of school requirements. For this reason, we have listed the best study in education youtube channels out of thousands among them. Each of the Studytubers creates content to provide information. relaxation, and educational videos.

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