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Best ChatGPT Use Cases and Software Boost Internet Persons' Efficiency

ChatGPT is becoming a trend. As an NLP learning model, it is not just a text-based model that can chat with people, it can also help to complete a wide range of tasks, for example, generate well-written content in desired subject, make summary of dull docs, analyze enormous data sheets, etc. In the below paragraphs, we conclude the best ChatGPT use cases, and collect concrete ChatGPT-applied apps and software to increase your productivity.

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ChatGPT use cases

Top ChatGPT use cases and recommended software 2023

File Analysis

One of the use cases of ChatGPT is it can make analysis and summary. To be more detailed, it can be taken as a great assistant to  present key points from research papers, articles, contracts, business plans, etc. Instead of sitting in front of the computer or tablet spending hours reading the documentation carefully for detailed information hided in the long paper, you just need chat with it, ask questions, get the idea, and move on with your researches.

Recommended software: LightPDF AI for Docs

LightPDF released AI for Docs a few days ago. This online app is a use of ChatGPT, aiming at assisting users to sort out the main information of the documents, which can help to save a great deal of time, so you can focus more on interested tasks. Currently, it supports uploaded PDF, Word, Excel, PPT and ePub files.

Main features:

  • 200 Pages for free to upload one time
  • Ask questions and get answers in several seconds
  • Create table by your instruction with the data included in the file
  • Show reference and navigation for every answer
  • Work with cross platforms, desktop and mobile
  • Assist 100+ languages

Writing and Editing

Another use case for ChatGPT that Internet people can involve is its capability to enhance the written work, especially jobs like editors, writers, marketers, whose tasks involves large number of composing articles, answering inquires, replying emails, etc. With ChatGPT, it can aid in various aspects, like proofreading articles, correcting grammar mistakes, improving writing skills, providing email samples in your style.

Recommended Software: GrammarlyGO

GrammarlyGO is well-known as a writing tool in helping to check grammar, spelling, writing style, and clarity. The mother company also uses the ChatGPT’s model into its new announced GrammarlyGO app which help people in AI way.

ChatGPT use cases GrammarlyGO

Main features:

  • Check misspellings and grammar mistakes
  • Suggest word choice improvements
  • Rewrite sentences that might be confused
  • Compose and reply emails in your tone and writing style

Enhancing workspace

Thanks to ChatGPT, one of the greatest language model, companies can also use the basic text-generative and chatbox feature to boost their business workspace, reduce communication cost, and increase work efficiency. One of the best ChatGPT use cases is ChatGPT app for Slack.

Recommended Software: Slack

For people who are using Slack in their work, this is really a great news for them. Salesforce introduced ChatGPT app for Slack recently which combines the powerful AI technology to help workers communicate and move work forward more efficiently. Slack is usually used as an instant workspace messaging platform developed for organizational communications, on which users can communicate with voice and video calls, text messaging, sending media and files in private chats. After the integration with ChatGPT, it can assist more in workflow.

best ChatGPT use cases Slack

Main features:

  • Help users quickly get what’s happening with the conversational summaries
  • Instantly find answers on topics and projects with the research tools
  • Help to draft messages in seconds to co-workers or teams

Scheduling and Meeting

Another ChatGPT use case is it can be used in arranging scheduling, especially text-based tasks for scheduling meetings, appointments, calendars, and communication. It will help you set up them with detailed information, and focus on things that matter.

Recommended Software: Clara

Clara is a scheduling app that works like a private human assistant, helping to relief people from repetitive and tedious work that costs time. By combining AI technologies like ChatGPT, Clara makes scheduling and appointments like users do by themselves. Working by 24/7, considerate and efficient, whenever and wherever, Clara let people concentrate on what they do best without worrying about omission of important people or things.

use cases of chatgpt Clara

Main features:

  • Built-in AI language model helps to understand users intention
  • Generate text responses for scheduling details
  • Able to integrate with calendar, efficiently manage meeting, send invitation, update status
  • Learn from your preference, providing you personalized recommendation
  • Works more than a human assistant can do as a scheduling app

Customer and Service

The last use cases for ChatGPT is customer service. As a large language model, ChatGPT has the natural advantage over other software or API when it comes to Customer service. Over 100 languages understanding capability makes it easy to know about users’ inputs, and produce meaningful conversations and interaction. It cannot only decrease investments of cost, but also offer high-quality service.

Recommended Software: Humley

Humley is an AI-powered conversational platform, featured with intelligent chatbots and virtual support for businesses.Without any technical or coding experience, people can built the chatbots and virtual assistants on their own, which streamline their customer service at low cost and get more communication with their audience, and finally get increased sales.

use cases for ChatGPT Humley

Main features:

  • Easy to use interface for building a chatbot, customizing faqs, setting up answers
  • AI helps to understand people’s inquiry accurately, and deliver context-aware replies
  • Offers reports and analyses to track and measure the service for further improvement
  • Human-like interactions with cool experience


There are far more use cases of ChatGPT than we just mentioned in the above. As ChatGPT develops, more and more cases combined with ChatGPT will come. It improves human beings’ efficiency, changes our behaviours in some aspects, and even inevitably replace some repetitive and ineffective jobs. ChatGPT is a technology that will evidenetly free us from basic work and focus on what we are good at.

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