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The 12 Best GPTs for Productivity

The most excellent GPTs do not just automate tasks; they alter how we approach work and creativity, making complicated processes and ideas accessible to average people of all skill levels. We have the most impressive 12 best GPTs in this article that individuals and businesses can have new levels of efficiency and innovation, paving the way for a brighter future where AI assists in unleashing human potential like never before.

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12 Best GPTs: Creativity and Productivity


LightPDF is changing how we used to interact with documents by integrating the cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Designed to simplify the process of reading long documents, LightPDF Chatdoc tool allows people to have a chat with your documents, no matter it’s a PDF, webpage, scans, or image. Simply upload a file or paste a URL, and you can quickly get the crutial points from long documents. Just ask a question in the chatbox, and the AI will provide you with an answer with cited source.

LighPDF Chatdoc stands out from similar ChatPDF tools with its unique, practical and powerful features. It supports to switch to GPT-4 ensuring you get well-rounded, structured and comprehensive responses to your prompts. If your question goes beyond the document’s content, the “Online Search” feature will fetch relevant information from the internet, making all your queries are answered. In addition to this, the OCR tech will make non-editable content accessible for interaction. What’s more, LightPDF chatdoc goes a step further by its multi-doc chat feature, which means you can query, compare, and contrast information from different files simutaneously. For research, or study, it’s an invaluable tool for trust.


Canva performs as one of the best GPTs tool that has comprehensive design platform. It democratizes graphic design with its user-friendly interface and AI-powered features. From creating compelling social media graphics to designing professional presentations and marketing materials. Canva’s vast library of templates, images, and design elements caters to a wide range of needs. Indeed, its AI-driven design suggestions and resizing tools make it easy to adapt designs for different platforms, ensuring brand consistency. Particularly, collaboration features enable teams to work together smoothly without any interruption, making Canva an essential tool for businesses, educators, and creatives seeking to bring their ideas to life with minimal design experience.

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Diagrams: Show Me

This innovative tool transforms the way we create diagrams and flowcharts. By simply describing what you need, Diagrams: Show Me uses AI to generate clear, visually appealing diagrams, capturing complex processes and relationships. It’s particularly useful for project managers, developers, and analysts who regularly need to document workflows and systems. The tool supports a variety of diagram types, from organizational charts to network diagrams, making it versatile for both business and technical uses. With its intuitive interface, users can easily customize and refine the generated diagrams, ensuring that the final output precisely meets their requirements.

diagram show me gpt

Video GPT by VEED

Video GPT by VEED is at the forefront of being the best GPTs tool that can do video editing and production through AI. This tool simplifies the creation process, offering features like auto-captioning, background noise removal, and smart cropping. Surely, it’s designed for content creators, marketers, and educators who want to produce high-quality videos, eliminating the need for extensive training in video editing. Whether you’re looking to create interesting and captivating social media content or professional educational videos, Video GPT by VEED streamlines the process, allowing for more focus on creativity and storytelling.

video gpt by veed productivity


AI PDF offers a suite of AI-powered features designed to make working with PDFs more efficient. Beyond basic editing and conversion, it provides advanced functionalities such as smart form recognition, automatically detecting and creating fillable forms. In addition, it has document summarization, which extracts key points from lengthy PDFs. This tool is a boon for professionals dealing with high volumes of documentation, including researchers, legal experts, and administrators. Its ability to securely handle sensitive information while automating routine tasks like data extraction and document comparison makes it a standout solution for modern document management challenges.

ai pdf best gpts

Video Maker by InVideo AI

InVideo AI’s Video Maker revolutionizes video creation with its intuitive, AI-powered platform. Known for being one of the best GPTs in the field of making video. Additionally, it offers a wealth of customizable templates, animations, and effects, along with access to a vast stock library. Enabling users to craft compelling videos for any purpose. Certainly, ideal for small businesses, social media influencers, and educators, it simplifies the video production process. Allowing for quick adjustments and iterations without compromising on quality. What’s fantastic is that the tool’s AI-driven content suggestions and auto-editing features will help users optimize their videos for engagement, ensuring their messages resonate with their intended audiences.

video maker invideo ai gpt

Slide Maker

Slide Maker leverages artificial intelligence to automate the design of PowerPoint presentations, transforming bullet points and text into stunning slides. It intelligently suggests layouts, color schemes, and visuals based on the content provided, ensuring it a powerful tool for professionals and students alike. With Slide Maker, creating presentations that captivate and communicate effectively becomes much simpler. Freeing up time to focus on the content’s substance rather than its design. This tool is particularly useful for those who need to produce high-quality presentations regularly but lack design expertise.

slide maker gpt tool


WebPilot offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools one of the best GPTs. It was designed to enhance online research, content creation, and SEO strategy. By automating the process of gathering and analyzing web data, it helps users make informed decisions about their content and digital marketing strategies. From keyword research to competitor analysis, WebPilot provides actionable insights that can improve website visibility and engagement. Undoubtedly, it’s an essential tool for digital marketers, content creators, and business owners looking to optimize their online presence in the competitive digital landscape.

best gpts webpilot

Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect is an invaluable tool for writers seeking inspiration and direction. Generating tailored writing prompts and suggesting improvements to existing text helps overcome writer’s block and refine creative ideas. Whether crafting stories, articles, or marketing copy, users find that Prompt Perfect stimulates creativity and enhances productivity. Its AI-driven insights into tone, style, and structure make it a versatile assistant for writers of all genres, aiming to elevate the quality of their work with intelligent, context-aware suggestions.

prompt perfect gpt tool

AI Voice Generator

The AI Voice Generator transforms how we produce voice overs and audio content. With a wide range of realistic voices in various languages and accents, it offers a flexible solution for creating high-quality audio for videos, podcasts, and e-learning modules. This best GPTs tool is particularly valuable for content creators who require diverse voice talents but may not have the resources to hire professional voice actors. Furthermore, its ability to adjust tone, speed, and emotion ensures that the output matches the desired impact which facilitates it as an indispensable tool for producing engaging and accessible audio content.

voice generator gpt tool

Doc Maker 

Doc Maker streamlines the creation of professional documents, from business reports to personalized letters. Its AI capabilities automate formatting and content organization, ensuring documents are not only visually appealing but also structured effectively. This tool is a time-saver for professionals across industries. It will help them produce high-quality documents that meet specific standards without extensive manual effort. Whether drafting reports, proposals, or any other type of document, Doc Maker provides a seamless experience, enhancing productivity and consistency.

doc maker best-gpts


The Resume tool uses AI to guide users through the process of creating impactful and professional resumes. By analyzing job descriptions and industry trends, it suggests optimizations for content and layout that highlight the candidate’s strengths and relevance to potential employers. Besides, this personalized approach helps job seekers stand out in competitive job markets, tailoring their resumes to match the expectations of recruiters better. Also, for anyone looking to make a strong first impression, this tool offers a strategic advantage, ensuring their resume showcases their qualifications in the best possible light.

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Best GPTs have made it easier and faster to work and create. By taking advantage of these AI tools in GPTs, we can enhance our productivity and creativity for daily tasks or life, and throw more time into what we are interested in.

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