How to Have ChatGPT Translate PDF

If you are learning different languages, and are looking for one of the best translation tool for your PDF file into another language, ChatGPT is right for you thanks to the development of AI technology. It can completely and perfectly replace Google Translate or other translation tools because of its talent in understanding the natural language. But how can we make ChatGPT translate PDF file as PDF is not allowed to upload to ChatGPT interface. Look no further, this article will show you the best solutions to go.

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Best Ways to make ChatGPT translate PDF?

Why ChatGPT, not the well-known translation tools

There are tons of translation tools in the market which really works great for general translation use in the past days, for example, Google Translate or other transltion tools. These common translation services are completely enough for use when the sentences are short, and paragraphs are simple in Grammar. However, ChatGPT works really different from those tools in many aspects when used as a translation tool, including:

  • Contextual Understanding – understand contexts, and translate more naturally and accuratrly.
  • Customization and fine-tuning – consider cultural connotations and regional variations in word meanings.
  • Collect your preference – generate translation by imitating user’s speaking tone and style.
  • Improve based on your feedback – the AI keeps learning with the data people feed to it.

Though ChatGPT works awesome in content translation, the biggest problem we’re faced with is PDF is not accepted by ChatGPT at the current. So how can we have ChatGPT translate PDF files? Below is the simple guide to turn uneditable PDF to Text prior to translating it.

Step One: Convert PDF to Text

The free online tool to convert PDF to TXT we recommend is LightPDF, which is a powerful AI-powered PDF converter and editor that enables you to convert, edit, and manage your PDF. By using of it, you can convert multiple PDFs in a single process.

  • First, go to the official website of LightPDF and head on to the “PDF Tools” menu to select “PDF to TXT“.
  • Second, click the “Select Files” button to upload the PDF file you want to translate.

  • Third, click the “Convert” button to start the process.

  • Fourth, click the “Download Files” icon after the process to save the output on your computer.

Step Two: Provide Text and Context

  • Open ChatGPT on your browser, and login your account first.
  • Copy the content and paste to the chatbox.

    chatgpt translate pdf

  • After that, add your other prompts – formal, or casual tone, target audience of the translation, as well as other description to make ChatGPT translate PDF file in more accurate and understandable way.

Third-Party Software to Translate PDF

If you think it’s too complicated to translate PDF with ChatGPT, there are also many third-party software which has been using ChatGPT to help translate PDF to target languages straightforwardly.


Smartcat now is also integrating with the latest ChatGPT-4 to provide users with accurate and contextual translation service. With support to 80+ file types, and 280+ languages, it is almost able to translate all languages and content in its system. No matter it is a document, website, video subtitle, or project, it can always translate in minutes. One of the best feature is users are allowed to invite other people to translate content collaboratively which makes it really suitable for team projects.

  • To get started, go the website, and log in using your Google account.
  • Then, click the “Tasks” button and click the “CREATE PROJECT” button to upload the PDF from your pc then click “Next” to proceed.

    chatgpt translate pdf file

  • From here, you can select the language you want on the “Target language” dropdown menu and click “Finish” to start the process.

    translate pdf with smartcat

  • Once done, click the “Download” icon next to the file name of the PDF to save it on your computer.


DocTranslator can be used as an alternative to ChatGPT as a translation tool. According to the website, it says “By using AI technology powered by ChatGPT model, DocTranslator is able to offer a more efficient and effective way to translate text quickly and accurately.” which means the translation process is empowered by ChatGPT for better grammar and accuracy.

  • Go to the website of DoxTranslator and create an account to start.
  • Click “Upload a document” to import the file, then set the source language and target language.

    deftpdf translate pdf

  • After that, click the “Upload”, and wait for a few seconds until the file is done translation.

Note that the translation is charged based on the word count. The lengthy the file, the higher the price would be.


That is the whole solution to let ChatGPT translate PDF. With the help of it, now you can start translating your PDF file. There is no denying that ChatGPT is really versatile in handling text-based tasks, for example, using as a content checking, reading assistant, and more. If you want to experience ChatGPT for translation by yourself, to get more creative results, you have to learn how to send the prompts. While if you just want a direct translation to the target lanauage, the third-party software is more suitable for you by just following the steps they has set up well for you.

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