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Reading books is important because it can expand your knowledge and can make you smarter. It also helps you grow mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. However, some countries can’t afford to provide textbooks to all of their students. So other students prefer looking for websites for PDF textbooks instead of buying hard copies. Soft copies are easier to access and even more practical. Having said that, written below are the websites that you can use. By the way, if you can get a free PDF reader, just click the button.


7 Websites to Download PDF Textbooks

Free Book Spot

Websites for PDF Textbooks

Free Book Spot is an e-book links library that offers free download books in almost any category. With this website, you can find and download here such as programming, scientific, engineering, fiction, and many other books. You don’t need to look for another website to download PDF textbooks because using this site, you can download books without requiring you to register. You can also add a new book and add a comment to the forum if you are a member. To become a member, you should register with their short process. Once you are already a member, you can now create a list of your preferred books that allows you to download later. You can have access to society in case you have any concerns.

Free Tech Books

Websites to Download PDF Textbooks

Free Tech Books is one of the free PDF textbook sites that you can visit. This site will allow you to download and view books like engineering and programming books, computer science, textbooks, lecture notes, etc. All the textbooks here are legal as they are hosted by their legal authors or publishers. Basically, the website doesn’t host the books, it only provides links to the books in HTML and PDF file format directly to the author’s website. Generally, you are allowed to view, download and print the books by your own private use free of charge.

Project Gutenberg

Free PDF Textbooks Sites

If you are fascinated by literature and looking for free textbooks online, this is the right website for you. Project Gutenberg is an online library that has over 60,000 free ebooks. You will find the world’s great literature here. This website will allow you to download books or if you want you can also read online. Project Gutenberg also allows you to read books without requiring a reader app. You can use your regular web browser or just the built-in reader of your PC or device. Everything from this tool is free.

Textbook Com

Sites for free College Textbooks

Textbook is one of the great sites for free college textbooks. It is made to increase the use of free textbooks and downloadable materials by professors and teachers. The goal of this website is to get its materials into every classroom. You can choose educational resources, links, and reviews about the textbooks. You can easily navigate your preferred topic because they are sorted by subject, license, course, level, etc. Once you are already a member, you can also contribute to the site by submitting a new course, book, or other contributions. You can download textbooks in a PDF form and also you can view textbooks online as ebooks.


Free Textbooks Online

If you like reading and downloading books, you can visit Bookyards, it is one of the amazing websites to download PDF textbooks. It provides educational material, documents, reference material, information, and many more. All content provided is guaranteed free. The site aims to be the “Library to the World” by bringing free textbooks to everyone regardless of creed, age, race, or religion. It offers a wide range of book categories such as art, audio, biography, computers, culture, language, law & legal, science, and many more. You can also export their search engine for your blog, website review, and social media activities.


Websites for PDF Textbooks

We also include EbookLobby on the list of free PDF textbook sites. It offers free ebooks to download that are divided into different categories. Categories options are business, education, art, and computing. There are some genuinely helpful textbooks that you can download free here especially when you are into computers, it has 100 plus books to choose from, ready to download to your computer.


Websites for PDF Textbooks

Unlike the written websites to download PDF textbooks above, AvaxHome requires you to create an account first before using their service. You can choose from their wide range of categories like ebooks & elearning, music, TV series, games, audiobooks, and a lot more. To download content, you must register to their database and pay for the correspondent price, you will use another tool to download any content. Although it is a paid website, it is helpful especially if you need a reference.


All of the aforementioned are truly helpful and great websites to download PDF textbooks. They have their own unique interface for you to use the website easily and without hesitation. And of course, the best website really depends on your own personal needs and interest.

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