The Best Programs to Add JPG to PDF

The Best Programs to Add JPG to PDF

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You must have been in a situation that you need to add JPG to PDF file before, for example, insert a signature to a PDF document, or place an image in the PDF file for much more detailed explanation. Whatever your motives are, you are looking for a tool that can help you add JPG image to a PDF file. There are three simple solutions included in the below content which I believe are the ones you need.

Video for Signing PDF

3 Methods Help to add JPG to PDF

How to add a JPG signature to PDF with LightPDF

LightPDF is a very handy free online PDF editor that’s available on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It can not only help you add a JPG signature to PDF file, but it can also help you to move the used signature to the position you want. Moreover, it has the ability to convert PDF file into various document formats such as Word, PNG, JPG, PPT, TXT and vice versa, that can be mentioned as the primary function of the tool. Aside from that, you can also use it to quickly edit your PDF file, convert image to text with its OCR function, insert your customized watermark, split your big PDF file and many more. Below are the steps on add JPG to PDF online.
  • Visit the official website of the online PDF tool.
  • From the main page, click the “Sign PDF” button under the “Other PDF Tools” section.
  • After that, click the “Choose File” button and select PDF file from the available list to upload to the application. You can also simply drag and drop the file into the box if you like.
  • Click the feather-like icon and the “+Create Signature” button, then you can upload a ready-made JPG signature on the file. Drag and move it to the correct position.
  • Finally, hit the “Save” icon at the top right corner and wait for a short while, the file will be afterwards processed, and you can download it in the end.
insert jpg image to pdf


  • A quite intuitive interface which is very friendly and easy to be used for beginners
  • No installation or sign-up required
  • Built in a lot of practical functions for PDF files
  • Available for mobile users as well
  • No limit on the file size


  • Requires internet connection to be operated

How to add JPG to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular and traditional PDF editors that has been on the market since the beginning, and which was developed by Adobe System. It allows you to create, view, edit, and manage PDF files. Furthermore, it enables you to annotate PDF files, sign, encrypt and share PDF files, etc. Follow the guide below to add JPG image to a PDF.
  • Open the PDF file you want to edit in the program.
  • Click the “Edit PDF” > “Add Image” and afterwards choose the JPG picture that you may want to insert to the document.
  • Place the image on the PDF file and then pick the saving option from the “File” > “Save” menu to get the new PDF file on your computer.
add jpg file to pdf


  • The most long-lasting PDF file editor on the market
  • Includes a lot of editing functions
  • Provides professional technical support constantly


  • A paid program with relatively high cost, which cannot be afforded by many people.

How to insert a JPG to PDF online with PDFescape

PDFescape is another useful free online program which can be used efficiently to add JPG to PDF online. You can also use it in case you wish to edit, view, annotate, fill out, create, protect and share PDF files online. Besides these functions, as an online PDF tool, it is compatible with all kinds of browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Here are the steps on how to add JPG to PDF with it.
  • During the first step, visit the official webpage of PDFescape with your commonly-used browser.
  • Drop your PDF file to the working area or you can also click the “Upload” > “Choose File” option in order to import the PDF file.
  • After that, click on the “Image” button at the left side of the program and choose image that you want to include on your file.
add jpg signature to pdf


  • No installation is required to fully operate the tool
  • Includes a lot of functions embedded into the software


  • Supports a PDF file under 10MB and less than 100 pages
  • Requires internet connection for usage

Further reading about JPG and PDF

PDF or Portable Document Format is the standard document file format developed by Adobe. This sort of file compresses text, images, hyperlinks, video and many other type of info into one document. One of the greatest features to be noted that PDF file has is that the quality of the texts in the PDF document will not be influenced when you scale it. Hence, PDF file format gives you a more convenient way to view the content on cross platforms. It also allows people to edit the content it contains, for example, copy the text, protect it with a password, add signature/watermark, etc.

However, it shall be mentioned that JPG is a well-known image format which is commonly used for compressing images. JPG and JPEG are both the extension of JPEG file. It has a smaller file size than the PDF. Unlike the PDF file, the selected texts cannot be copied or edited.

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