Top 10 Digital Tools for Teachers in 2020

Nowadays, teaching online is one of the best solution that a full time parent can do to make income for their family. With that, they don’t need to go outside for their work. Besides, having a part time job can help you buy your family basic neccessities. Luckily, we have apps for teachers to help you make your task easily.

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But before we proceed, there are some situations that teachers need to create forms and convert documents to other file formats. In that case, you can use ApowerPDF. This is an all-in-one PDF solution for all users which include teachers or educators, It offers advanced PDF functions such as create, view, convert, edit and so on and so forth. Now, let’s find the apps that can help you out with your teaching job.

Recommended Tools for Teachers


First on the list the Educreations. This is a powerful and unique interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool. It can surely help teachers make short instructional videos and share them with their students. Moreover, the lesson will be sync automatically so that the teacher can easily monitor the students’ work.

Free Online Screen Recorder

screen recorder

Next, we have Free Online Screen Recorder. As the name implies, this is a free online screen recorder. If a teacher cannot download the instructional video for their lesson, they can use this tool to record the screen of their computer. Furthermore, this program is very easy to use that doesn’t require Java Applet but you just need to install the launcher if you are a first time user. Aside from that, it supports several output video formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG and a lot more.



Another digital tool for teachers we have, Seesaw. This program is perfectly created for teachers to store the performance of their students such as the strengths and weaknesses of their children. With that, they can present it to the parents of the students at the end of the semester. Besides, this app is compatible with computers and mobile devices.



LetsView is a screen mirroring tool which allows users to share the screen of their device which includes phone, computer, and TV. Through the use of this app, teachers can share the screen of their computers with their students to become more interactive. Aside from that, users will not pay any cent since this is a free tool.



Remind is one of the tools for educators which can help them update parents and students regarding the upcoming activities, quizzes and exams. Moreover, the teacher can make group chats or message the student or parent privately. What’s more, it supports numerous languages so that it can translate for the non-native English-speaking parents.



Another program is GitMind. This is a free mind mapping and flowchart tool for free. With that, the teacher can start a topic and the students can share their thoughts through collaborating. In addition to that, the collaboration can be saved on cloud storage so that the files are secured and protected.



Additio is a standard-based grade book which can manage the students’ grades. It also uses powerful rubrics, manages timetable, track attendance, communicates to the students and parents, plans classes and so on. Moreover, this tool lets you use anytime and anywhere even offline.

Google Classroom

google classroom

An online tool for teachers that can help more productive in their teaching is the Google Classroom. This can help teachers distribute assignments, communicate and collaborate with the students. Aside from that, this program can be used for free and can work on any device as long as you have an internet connection.



Last on the list is the Animoto. By using this program, you can quickly make a video for your lesson, In that case, it can help teachers catch students’ attention. Furthermore, in just a few clicks, users can easily start customizing a video. Also, if you want more of the video editing function just purchase its personal. Professional and team version.


All in all, these apps for teachers mentioned above will surely help your home teaching easily. Apart from that, each tool has a different function that you can use. Also, students will be more productive.

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