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As the back-to-school season is coming, it could be a burden for students, educators, and parents to afford some school tools. Luckily, these companies we have listed offer education discount to help you save more. So, take advantage of this opportunity to know more about this now.

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Since the pandemic started, most people around the globe have been work remotely and on a tight budget. It’s been a challenge for many to sustain their needs for many lost their jobs during this time. And as back-to-school season is coming, it could be a burden for students, educators, and parents to afford some school tools. Luckily, these companies we have listed offer education discount to help you save more. So, take advantage of this opportunity to know more about this now.

What is Student & Teacher Discount?

Student and teacher discount is also known as Education Discount. This special pricing is offered to qualified buyers or consumers such as students, staff, educators, and parents. Thus, it helps to save money and be practical especially during this new normal. However, with the discounts and promo available terms and conditions may apply.

6 Products Offer Education Discounts

LightPDF Editor

get lightpdf editor discount

LightPDF Editor is a multi-functional PDF solution for your everyday needs. It has a wide collection of features such as convert, edit, OCR, compress, watermark, protection, sct. Editing PDF like Word, reducing PDF size, converting PDF to other file forms maybe the most common scenarios where we want to download a PDF editor. If you want to learn more about this PDF editor, please read these FAQ articles to fully understand how to solve your PDF problems and trust this application more.


Through the years, it is dedicated to helping people in improving productivity and ensuring users get high-quality output. And as a special treat for students and teachers, it offers special education pricing of up to 60% off discount.

Here’s how to avail of this education discount

  • Visit the Apowersoft Special pricing for students and educator page. Mark a ✓ whether you are a Student or Teacher.apowersoft special student pricing
  • Then, fill up the request form on the right side of the interface. Provide your First Name, Last Name, Email address, and School Name. After that, upload a file as proof of your eligibility and verification purposes. You can use your school id, school registration, or any document showing your school affiliation. And you can upload file formats such as  PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF.apowersoft scanner special pricing
  • On the box below, describe the specific Apowersoft software and quantity you want to purchase.
  • Once done, click the Send to Apowersoft button. A pop-up dialogue will show, just click OK and your request is already submitted.

Apowersoft Scanner

apowersoft scanner introduction

As useful as LightPDF Editor, Apowersoft brings convenience to many people. It works like a portable scanner that you can use anytime and anywhere. Apowersoft Scanner lets you digitize a paper document with no hassle using its intelligent features. It allows you to easily scan, modify, sign, merge, manage, share your documents. Since it also prioritizes the satisfaction of its users, it also gives pricing and savings for educators and learners. All you have to do is to follow the step same as the LightPDF Editor. Just click the special education pricing offer link.

Apple Store

apple student discount

Apple is one of the most established companies around the globe founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It produces prominent digital gadgets including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and iPods. With all the success that this business achieved, it opens its special pricing offered to anyone in the education field. College freshmen, parents of students, faculty staff, and teachers can save up to $200 discount on selected items. If you want to know more about how it verifies eligibility, get verified with UNIDAYS.


samsung education offer program

If you’re fun of Samsung devices, then you can try to check out its back-to-school deal. It organizes an Education Offers Program for students, parents, and educators. With it, you can save 15 %- 30% off on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other Samsung devices. The first thing you can do to purchase this promo is to visit the Education Offers Program page of Samsung. Then, register for an account and verify your identity


nike special student offer

Good news for college and university students, Nike offers 10% off on most of the items in its online store. Complete the form and verify your student status with SheerID in order to get a promo code. This code will be sent to your email right after your eligibility is confirmed.  Anyway, if you’re college or university does not show up on the list, you can contact SheerID directly.


dell student discounts

Enjoy exclusive education pricing with Dell products. Shop on the Dell University website and get special student deals. Moreover, you can avail of student discounts and save up to $200 off of every purchase, You can also enjoy the student benefits and student savings in which you can get rewards and member-exclusive offers. To see more information about this, you can browse the Dell University website now. 

4 Types of Qualified People for Discount

Students in higher education

Those students who are in advanced learning institutions can get education discounts. Usually, this pertains to students who are on the college level and beyond. As much as many companies consider the financial capabilities of students, they offer exclusive treats especially for those who are in higher education.

People who are buying for education institutions

Since gadgets and software are very helpful to make studying more efficient, schools and institutions take the initiative to buy these tools for learning purposes. Discounted items can be purchased to help this institution in providing excellent education to learners.

Teachers and college staff

Teachers or college staff are also eligible for special education pricing to purchase items. Besides, many companies acknowledge and appreciate the dedication of the people in the education field.  There is no doubt that special pricing and savings for educators are well-deserved.

Parents of higher education students

Other parents want to surprise or give a special treat to their children with tools to help their learning. And there are also instances, that students really need these tools on their schoolwork and assignments. With these, parents who have children in higher education can buy devices and apps in education pricing too.


Needless to say, people who are in the education field deserve discounts and promos. And fortunately, the listed technology companies above offer exclusive education discounts that you can check out. Above all, LightPDF and Apowersoft Scanner are some of the educational tools that you must avail today.

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