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5 Ways To Remove Handwritten Text From PDF in 2024

PDF files are a staple in professional and educational settings, often containing a mix of typed text and handwritten notes. While these annotations can be useful, there are times when you need a clean version of your document. Whether you're looking to present a polished copy or prefer a tidier appearance, learning how to erase handwriting on PDF can make your documents more versatile and visually appealing. This article will guide you through several reliable ways to remove handwritten text from your PDF files.

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5 Tools | How to Remove Handwritten Text from PDF

Cross-platform solution – LightPDF

LightPDF is a light-weight PDF editor that simplifies the process of converting, editing and managing PDF documents for cross platforms. It has Windows, Web, Android and iOS versions available. All of them can help you to remove unwanted texts. For the Windows version, you can quickly download and install on your computer. Once set up, the program’s clean interface makes it straightforward to start editing your PDFs. An “Edit” button at the top lets you quickly upload and adjust your files.

The standout feature of LightPDF is its “Eraser” tool, meticulously designed to delete any unwanted handwriting manually, thereby enhancing the professional appearance of your PDFs. In addition to the eraser, LightPDF provides options to adjust the size and opacity of the eraser tool, empowering you with precise control over the editing process. After you’ve removed the handwriting, saving your document is effortless with a simple save option under the “File” menu. LightPDF transforms a potentially tricky task into an easy, efficient process, ensuring your PDFs always present themselves in the best possible way.

  • Download and install the software on your PC.
  • Download

  • Once done, open the app and click the “Edit” option, which you will see in the upper section of the tool’s interface. Upload the PDF file that you need.
  • Once you’re in the Edit section, you have the power to remove the handwritten text by simply clicking on the “Eraser” tool.

  • Finally, when you are done deleting all the handwritten text, go to the “File” option and click “Save”.

    erase handwriting on pdf lightpdf

Online solution – DocHub

DocHub is an excellent tool for those looking to enhance their PDF documents by removing unwanted handwritten text. This web-based platform is accessible directly from your browser, eliminating the need for any downloads or installations. DocHub features a user-friendly interface that allows users to upload their PDFs and begin editing right away quickly. One of its key features is the precision eraser tool, which lets users meticulously erase handwritten annotations or scribbles, thereby ensuring that the document maintains a clean and professional look. With DocHub, users can also take advantage of additional editing tools to refine their documents further, making it a versatile choice for comprehensive PDF editing.

  • Then, from its interface, click the “Select a document” button to upload the PDF file that you need.

    remove handwritten text from pdf dochub

  • Once your PDF file is uploaded, go to the “Tools” section and choose the “Erase” icon.
  • Next, highlight one of the handwritten text on the file, and it will be deleted.

    remove handwriting dochub

  • Finally, save your work by clicking the “Done” button on the upper right corner of the screen.

    erase handwriting on pdf dochub

Online solution – PDFzorro

PDFzorro is a versatile online tool that caters to users needing to edit and clean up their PDF files directly from their web browser. Ideal for removing handwritten text, PDFzorro offers a straightforward, no-download necessary approach to PDF editing. Upon accessing the site, users can quickly upload their documents and utilize a variety of editing tools. PDFzorro’s eraser tool stands out by allowing precise removal of handwritten marks, ensuring that the final document looks tidy and professional. This tool also secures user privacy with an option to delete all uploaded files from the server after editing, making it a safe choice for handling sensitive documents.

  • Then, click “Upload” to get the PDF file that you need to edit. Click the “Start PDF Editor” afterwards.

    remove handwritten text from pdf pdfzorro

  • Next, in the editing section, click the ”Erase” button to manually highlight the handwritten text that you need to remove from your PDF file.

    remove handwriting pdfzorro

  • Once done with that, you can directly download your word by clicking “Save”.

    erase handwriting on pdf pdfzorro

Online solution – OpenPDF

OpenPDF offers a robust, web-based solution for editing PDF documents, including the precise removal of handwritten text. This tool stands out for its no-installation, easy-access model that lets users make quick edits directly through their internet browser. OpenPDF’s interface is designed for efficiency, enabling users to upload and start editing their PDFs with minimal effort. Among its notable features, the specialized eraser tool allows for the targeted deletion of unwanted handwritten annotations, ensuring documents are clean and presentation-ready. Additionally, OpenPDF supports various other PDF modifications, such as text editing and image adjustments, making it a comprehensive tool for all your PDF needs.

  • Once you access the tool from its interface, click the “Select PDF file” button to get the PDF file handwritten from your computer.

    remove handwritten text from pdf openpdf

  • From there, go to the “More” option and select “Eraser”.

    remove handwriting openpdf

  • One by one, remove the handwritten text on your PDF, and after that, click the “Save” icon to save your edited file.

    erase handwriting on pdf openpdf

Online solution – signNow

signNow provides a powerful and intuitive online platform specifically designed for managing and editing PDF documents, including the capability to delete text efficiently. This service is precious for users looking to remove unwanted handwritten text from PDFs. Unlike other tools, signNow excels not only in basic document editing but also offers advanced features for electronic signatures and form filling, making it ideal for businesses and individuals alike. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that erasing text, whether typed or handwritten, is a seamless and quick process. Additionally, signNow operates across various devices and operating systems, providing flexibility and convenience for users on the go.

  • Go to the “Delete Text In PDF” page of the tool sign now.
  • From the interface, get your PDF documents by clicking the “Upload documents” button.

    remove handwritten text from pdf signnow

  • Then, a new interface will show up with your PDF file. Look for the “Erase” tool and highlight the handwritten text.
  • Once highlighted, a pop-out message will come out; click “OK”.

    remove handwriting signnow

  • Finally, click “Done” and hit the download icon to save your PDF file.

    erase handwriting on pdf signnow


The ability to remove handwritten text from PDF files is an essential skill for maintaining the professionalism and clarity of your documents. Whether you choose LightPDF, DocHub, PDFzorro, OpenPDF, or signNow, each tool offers unique features that make it possible to clean up your PDFs efficiently. From manual erasers to precision editing, these platforms provide you with the tools required to ensure your documents look their best. Try out these methods and see which one suits your needs to keep your PDF files clean and professional.

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