How to Remove Watermark from PDF Document Easily

Sometimes, you might save a file embedded with a watermark which is distracting. In other cases, you want to remove your old watermark and replace it with a new one. Under these circumstances, you may need to remove watermark from PDF document. Here are free and paid tools in this article for your reference. You can also click the button below to get the professional desktop program directly.

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Best Free PDF Watermark Remover


The first free application is a web-based PDF converter called LightPDF. This program can convert any PDF document into image formats, PPT file, or turns any MS Office documents into PDF. Moreover, it also has additional functions to merge PDF, split PDF, unlock PDF, and add watermark to PDF files, etc. Proceed to see how to remove text watermark from PDF by using LightPDF.

  1. Simply go to its official page, look for “PDF to Word” function and click it.
    upload PDF to LightPDF
  2. Select the PDF file and drag to upload it. The program will then automatically load and convert your PDF file.
    free PDF watermark remover
  3. Once done, you will see a thumbnail. Click the download button to save the file on your computer.
  4. Afterwards, open the Word doc file by using Microsoft Word, and delete the watermarks you want to remove manually. Then the watermarks will be removed successfully.

If you need to turn it back into a PDF file, just go to the main page of LightPDF, and select “Word to PDF” conversion feature.


  • No need to log in or sign up
  • No need to download any third party apps
  • It works well on both mobile and computers


  • Watermark needs to be removed manually and separately

Google Drive

One of the free ways to eliminate a watermark from a PDF document is by using Google Drive. Yes, you read it right! We usually use this online storage service to backup our files online, so that we can get access to them easily without carrying flash drives or any portable storage devices. But aside from this usage, it has the ability to open files and do some minor editing. Also, it can be used to remove watermark from PDF online. Let’s learn how amazing it is to remove watermark from PDF by using Google Drive.

  1. Open your Google Drive account, which is basically the same as your Gmail account.
  2. Click on “New” > “File upload”, select a PDF document and then upload it.
    remove watermark from PDF online
  3. Once done, you can check the uploaded file on your Drive, then right click to open it with “Google Docs”.
    remove watermark with Google Docs
  4. Afterwards, your watermark will be removed automatically. To save it, go to “File” and click “Download as” and then choose “PDF document”.


  • Handy to use


  • Need to log in using a Gmail account
  • Images will be removed automatically whether or not there is a watermark
  • Password protected files are not supported
  • It can only work for desktop, its mobile app doesn’t support to do so.

ApowerPDF – A Professional tool to Remove Watermark From PDF

The above-mentioned free PDF watermark removers are workable, but they are also time-consuming. In this case, you can turn to ApowerPDF. This program is packed with all the necessary functions that are needed in a PDF program. By using this tool, you can create your own PDF from scratch, edit PDF files, add protection and signatures, and even add comments. Furthermore, it also has numerous functions under the “Pages” button including the feature of removing and adding watermarks.

To remove watermark from PDF using this tool, refer to the steps below.

  1. Get and install this PDF tool first by hitting the download button below.


  2. Once installed, simply open the application and load the PDF file that you need to process. You can do this by clicking “Open Files” or dragging the file directly into the program’s main interface.

    Open Files button

  3. When the file is loaded, go to “Pages” and find “Watermark”. Then, from the drop-down menu, click “Remove”. You’ll notice that the watermark will then disappear immediately.

    Remove PDF Watermark

  4. Click “File” and then “Save” to keep the changes you’ve made.

This is indeed an ideal PDF tool that you can use to remove watermarks. It can batch remove text watermarks as well as image watermarks and handle the process in seconds. Besides, it is packed with various useful functions that are crucial in managing your PDF files. Furthermore, this PDF editor can be used without internet access, so you can use it at any time you want.

Now you can easily remove watermark from PDF document by using the ways shown throughout this article. Nonetheless, they all work well, and it’s up to you to decide which method you like the most.

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