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Beginner's Guide to Add Initials to PDF

Signing your PDF is one of the best ways to validate your document's data and information. The initial and signature are just the same. However, the significant difference between these two is that the signature is written normally in full. At the same time, initials are just simple letter that is usually the first letter of the author's name. Here, we will show the best ways to add initials to PDF for free.

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how to add digital initials to PDF

Simply Method to Add Initials to PDF Online


LightPDF is one of the best web-based PDF solutions that allows you to edit and optimize your documents with ease. Not to mention, this tool lets you sign your PDF by inserting your initials using your favorite browser on your computer and mobile devices.

In using this tool, you don’t need to print any documents or drive to another place just to sign a document, because this tool helps you to complete this online in just a few minutes. Aside from its Sign feature, this one stop solution for PDF also allows you to convert your document into different file format or vice versa.

Below, you will see the steps on how to add initials to PDF using this online tool:

  • Open a web browser and visit the tool’s official website of LightPDF.
  • Then, go to the “PDF Tools” menu and select the “Sign PDF” function to proceed.

  • Next, click the “+” icon to import the PDF file you want to sign.

  • From here, click the “Create signature” button and select the “Draw Signature” option to draw your initials.

  • Once done, just place the initial where you want to put it in the documents and click the “Save” icon above. Lastly, click the “Download” icon to save the output on your PC.

How to Add Initials Field to PDF Form

LightPDF Desktop Software

Besides the online tools, LightPDF also has a software version for Windows that you can use to add digital initials to PDF. This program is loaded with advanced PDF functions that allow you to edit and customize your documents more precisely. Furthermore, it is one of the perfect programs that you can use when it comes to PDF forms. Wherein you can insert multiple form fields, including Text, Check Box, Combo Box, Radio Button, List Box, Push Button, and Signature. Besides that, this tool can convert, OCR, compress and split PDFs by batch.

Free Download

Find out the easiest way to add the initials field to a PDF form with this program:

  • Download and install the app from its official website or click the “Free Download” button above.
  • Second, launch the app to open the PDF forms you want to edit.

    main interface of LightPDF

  • Third, go to the “Form” section and select the “Signature” function to draw a signature box form field.

    draw a signature box form field

  • Fourth, double click the signature box to start putting the signature on the PDF form.
  • Fifth, click the “Save” icon above to keep the changes made.

    save the new PDF form


As we mentioned above, LightPDF is one of the most reliable PDF tools to add initials to PDF on the internet and for Windows computers. With the simple using steps and the excellent results we personally recommend this tool when it comes to adding initials to your PDF documents. You can write your comment down below for further suggestions.

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