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Best AI Tools for Productivity 2024

The surge in the popularity of artificial intelligence is undeniable and has led to a rapid expansion in the number of available technologies and their functionalities. There are tons of AI tools out there, and it really takes time to find the best of them. Fortunately, after hundreds of times trying and testing, we got this remarkable list of best AI tools for productivity, from document-reading assistants and mind-mapping tools to content generators, image processors, and video creators. These tools are designed to simplify tasks, saving you time and sparking creative ideas in an instant.

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best ai tools for productivity

Best list of AI Productivity Tools (Updated)

Website Tools

LightPDF AI for Docs – Best online AI-powered document reading assistant

LightPDF is one of the best AI tools for productivity for reading long texts. By using of it, you can easily interact with AI to obtain summaries and answers from the document without reading them all. Whether you need assistance in comprehending documents or wish to read them more swiftly, this tool can serve as your helpful teacher or assistant.

Additionally, this tool now supports the enhanced GPT-4, which provides clearer and more precise answers. LightPDF also features multi-document chats, allowing you to upload multiple documents at once and interact with them seamlessly. For people who need to compare their researches, or reports, it really saves their time and effort from tedious analysis tasks.

What impressed me more is it features a follow-up question, which means if you are interested in an answer and plan to dig more about it, the follow-up question option will help to prompt a question by GPT itself. This is very friendly to people who have no idea about how to prompt properly. You’ll never need to rack your brain for the prompt.


  • It boasts a simple and user-friendly interface, making it straightforward to use.
  • Support GPT3.5 and GPT4 model both.
  • Provides preview of the original file when prompt your question.
  • Offers responses with cited sources to maintain accuracy.
  • Allows to upload multi-file per chat.
  • Available for multiple platforms.


  • Free to use with limits.

GitMind Chat – Multi-task AI chatbot

GitMindis not just a mind-mapping tool, it is now equipped with a new AI copilot called GitMind Chat that offers versatile AI chatbot for your daily tasks. As one of the best AI tools for productivity, each chatbot has different name for questions in different fields, for example, Link Interpreter – Elaine is proficient in translating between different languages, while the AI Writer Bob is good at writing content, etc. It even allows you to create an AI assistant specifically for yourself with the rules, settings or data that you want.

ai productivity tools gitmind


  • It has subdivided the functionality of AGI so as to solve problems in different fields more professionally.
  • It allows you to create your AI role with your personal data.
  • The sharing function allows you to share your chat records with others, or open the content others have shared with you.


  • It has the weekness that AGI has.

Bard – AGI full of humanities

Another web AI tool for productivity is Bard. Though Google officially labels Bard as an “experiment” in beta, it’s a robust AI chatbot that serves as a viable alternative to ChatGPT.

As one of the best AI productivity tools, Bard is straightforward and has a user-friendly interface. Prioritizing productivity, the tool provides brief, human-like responses to intricate queries, utilizing a language more straightforward than that of ChatGPT. It excels in research, shopping, and travel planning, thanks to its access to up-to-date web information.

Although Bard makes an effort to cite its sources, it lacks consistency in this regard. However, it’s a well-rounded AI tool with the potential to become the go-to assistant for Google app users. Allowing export of responses to Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Colab, making it a valuable addition to Google’s AI offerings.

ai tools for productivity


  • Free to use.
  • Understand prompts of text or speech using natural language.
  • Generated answers are full of creativity.
  • Combined with Google, it provides real-time qualified answer that are collected from tons of search results.


  • Sometimes it provides biased or inaccurate information.
  • It has limited generative capabilities.

Mobile Apps

Otter.ai – Saving you from ineffective meetings

Otter.ai is a potent AI-powered assistant, offering a comprehensive solution for people who are seeking a proficient tool for transcription and note-taking. Regarded as one of the premier AI productivity tools, Otter.ai excels in delivering real-time transcriptions, effectively capturing and cataloging meeting slides during virtual interactions.

With the ability to seamlessly record and transcribe both in-person and virtual conversations, Otter.ai ensures no important information is lost, and also empowered participants to stay engaged in the discussion, rather than being caught up in taking notes.

What is more amazing with this app is that the transscripts is searchable, allowing users to drop to that conversation segment directly, and the transscript can be shared with others to collaborate, edit, and view, making it valuable for team projects.

best ai tools for productivity otter ai


  • Delivers high-quality transcription without the need for custom vocabulary input.
  • Enables users to stay more focused on the meeting without distracted by taking notes.
  • Provides tools for editing transcriptions and collaborating with team members.


  • The accuracy of transcriptions can be affected by different factors, such as audio quality and speaker accents.

Starry AI – Accessible AI Image Generator

If you are fond of photo editing, StarryAI should be one of the list of your best AI productivity tools. It uses two AI models to generate images with your text prompts.

The VQGAN-CLIP model generates images that match the input text prompt, while Orion uses CLIP-Guided Diffusion to refine pictures. This combination allows users, even those with limited artistic skills, to craft unique and visually appealing image.

StarryAI offers over 1000 art styles, supports upscaling without quality loss, and provides an “Evolve” option for further image refinement. One of the standout features is the prompt builder, allowing users to save and reuse prompt styles to create similar artwork at any time.

ai productivity tools starry ai


  • This app provides a wide range of models and styles.
  • It is accessible and user-friendly that makes it easy for users to create art.


  • Offer limited editing features for customization.

Third-party tools

Luminar Neo – AI empowers fantastic portrait picture

Thanks to AI, there are also many available third-party tools that can significantly enhance our photo editing skills with ease. Luminar Neo is one of the effective AI productivity tools that should be included in the toolkit of your preferred photo editors. With its advanced AI-driven photo editing features, it can automatically adjust the brightness of photos and remove unwanted glows, making it ideal for landscape photography.

If you enjoy taking portrait photos, it can help brighten up dark areas while giving you full control over the lighting. With the help of AI, it will automatically balance colors, brightness, and other elements to make your photo good-looking.

ai tools for productivity luminar neo


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • It consists of enhanced landscapes and portraits, all with AI-powered tools.
  • Provides a wide range of photo editing instruments.
  • Achieve instant professional results and a consistent look on your subjects.


  • Some features require enhancements.

PowerDirector 365 – Auto-AI video maker

Another third-party AI tool we recommend is PowerDirector 365. It is one of the video editing tool that is worth trying out of all the AI productivity tools for video creating and producing on mobile.

With the use of AI, it can instantly apply body effects, object detection, sky replacement, motion tracking, and more. You no longer need to manually create a Hollywood-style visual effect. The AI will do them for you. Also, its audio editing tools include an AI restoration assistant, audio denoise, speech enhancement, wind removal, and DeReverb. In other words, by the use of AI, the only thing that you need to do is to prepare the video materials, and let AI complete the rest of editing until you are satisfied.

best ai tools for productivity powerdirector


  • Quick and easy learning process to have you editing in no time.
  • Basic yet effective tools for making picture collections and transforming your videos into animations.
  • Advanced instruments for producing videos with special effects.
  • Reasonable cost beginning at under $5 per month.


  • The subscription version comes with thousands of high-quality templates, but if you want to access all the additional content, you’ll need a few gigabytes of storage space.


The growing popularity of artificial intelligence has brought forth a vast array of innovative tools, each designed to streamline workflows and boost productivity. From document readers to image processors, these AI tools simplify tasks, save time, and ignite creativity. Embracing these AI tools for productivity, lots of solutions open up new avenues for enhanced efficiency and productivity in various aspects of work and life.

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