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Essential Cloud PDF Editor for PC and Online

Lots of documents online are in PDF form today. Thus, the emergence of online editors is necessary to manage these types of files. One advantage of online tools is that you can edit PDF files without occupying any space from your computer storage. Another advantage is the cloud editing function of PDF tools nowadays. Here, you can access multiple documents and edit them with ease. In that case, we will present you with the best cloud PDF editor you can use.

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Best Cloud PDF Editor Online


To clarify, let’s already talk about the rising star when it comes to a cloud-based PDF editor. LightPDF is an all-in-one PDF tool that can perform multiple functions to edit and manage your PDF documents. The Cloud PDF Editor of LightPDF lets you upload unlimited PDF files quickly, and the upload processing time will only take a few seconds. Moreover, it lets you share the PDF file on its cloud server via URL, making it available to view on other devices.

Moving forward, it ensures file security since all personal information is entirely restricted. Additionally, no one can access your account if they don’t have your login information. Usually, the free version lets you store the file for up to 1 year, which is still good enough. But if you want to upgrade for only $19.90/month, you will enjoy unlimited days without expiration. Also, you can upload PDF files of up to 1 GB in size.

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Another creative cloud PDF editor is DocFly. With the help of your account details, it lets you access any PDF files stored there. The online tool also has a mobile app that allows you to open and edit documents anytime and anywhere. The editing functions include adding and erasing some texts on the file. Also, you can manage it by splitting or merging PDF documents. You can also add and remove images to improve the existing PDF. Lastly, you can draw or insert a digital signature to validate the file.

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Adobe Acrobat

As the pioneer of the PDF file, Adobe Acrobat will surely provide you with all the necessary functions to manage them. This cloud PDF editor ensures that no data is lost, and it is also a cross-platform tool available for both PCs and mobile devices. Furthermore, it offers a top-notch industry-standard security system to protect your data and personal files uploaded to its cloud server. While accessing its cloud function, you can now freely edit or even create PDF files. Adding notes, highlights, and some annotations is also available.

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Next on the list of a cloud-based PDF editor is DocHub. The main thing about cloud editing is that it automatically saves the document. What’s more, the document is always synchronized to the other devices your cloud account is logged in to. Moreover, you can set permissions for the shared PDF documents, including viewing, editing, or signing the PDF. DocHub also keeps your PDF files secured using its advanced OAuth 2.0 authentication. Aside from sync saving, this encryption feature ensures that all deleted PDF files are destroyed.

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LuminPDF is a creative cloud PDF editor that allows you to optimize and collaborate PDFs with your colleagues. It has an extensive cloud service wherein you can add circles and teams to co-create PDF files. LuminPDf ensures a real-time sync across all platforms available. Another good thing is that you can sync other cloud storage services like Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Aside from its PDF editing tools, you can also insert comments and notes for enhanced communication. Finally, you can enjoy a free trial version if you want to try its desktop app.

cloud based PDF editor LuminPDF


If you want a unique cloud PDF editor, try Kami. It also supports other cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive to upload several PDF files. Aside from being a PDF editor, it is a digital classroom extension that lets you instantly annotate and add comments to PDFs. Also, its primary goal is to collaborate on different PDF documents utilizing a classroom set-up for its cloud services. You can also add audio and video recordings and access them wherever you are. It also boasts a speech-to-text function to create a document faster.

creative cloud PDF editor Kami


Moving on to the list of cloud-based PDF editor is PDFescape. The upload option is easy since it lets you insert it using the URL of the online PDF. Its encryption service is also top-notch because you can assign a password for added protection. The cloud service option lets you share a read-only PDF file with other users as long as they are all registered to PDFescape. Furthermore, the shared link can also be downloaded and printed. However, editing is currently unavailable. The PDF owner can also turn off the Share option if they want.



The final creative cloud PDF editor on this post is PDFBuddy. By only registering a user account, you can enjoy its cloud services and access your saved PDF files anytime you want. You can enjoy up to 1 GB of storage space for its free version. However, it only lets you upload and store 3 PDF documents per month. But you can remove these limitations for at least $8.00 per month. For its editing functions, yu can utilize basic features like adding text, inserting drawings using the pen tool, and highlighting important data without a hassle.



Since online PDF and document sharing is on-trend, you always need a reliable tool to manage them. Luckily, we can use several PDF tools to access and edit PDFs anytime and anywhere we need. We also provided the eight best tools to check. You can easily choose which is the best cloud PDF editor from them. However, we highly recommend using LightPDF for all your PDF needs. Aside from having a user-friendly cloud storage service, you can also do the batch process for other functions for free.

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