How to Edit PDF Files in Word for Free 2022

Editing PDF files in word may seem impossible for they are really created to be not modified. However, there are circumstances wherein we need to insert, modify, or erase from the PDF documents that we have. Luckily,there are a lot of ways on the internet to help us to edit a PDF in Word or edit PDF files directly. So we tested these possible ways and the best solution we enlisted for you to make editing PDF trouble-free.

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How to Edit PDF on Word

Best Solution to Edit PDF Files in Word

Microsoft Word

With the latest versions of Microsoft Word, you can edit a PDF without using any third party solution. Unlike the outdated versions of this tool, it now has features which can allow you to directly edit pdfs and still give you the option to save itl in pdf format. Currently, you can mainly use this tool for those pdfs which are mostly composed of texts. Here is the simple trick on how to edit PDF file in Word.

  • Open Microsoft Word and Choose the Blank Document.

  • Select File option and then Open a pdf file on your computer.

Note: You can just simply minimize your Word and drag your pdf file from your homescreen to your blank document.

  1. On the dialog box, click okay to continue.


Note: The pop up message warns you that the content and layout of the content may not seem to be like your original PDF. Things may differ like its formats and font effects.

  1. You can now modify your document . Save as a PDF file again.

    MW Save As PDF

Alternative Solutions to Edit PDF


As mentioned a while ago, editing a PDF document on Word may lose the original quality and content layout of the PDF file. For this reason, we are going to need a professional PDF editing software to modify PDFs without damaging its content such as text, pictures, and designs. As-luck-would-have-it, ApowerPDF is one of the best solutions to easily edit complex documents and still give you high quality outputs.

To give you better understanding on how to edit PDF files with ApowerPDF, here are some guides on its features;

a)Edit text and image

Easily modify your PDF documents with the Edit function of this tool.

  • Launch the app. Then. add the file that you want to modify.

    ApowerPDF Open File

  • You can add text boxes or remove texts from the document.

    ApowerPDF add text

  • You can also insert images to your PDFs.

    ApowerPDF add image

b) OCR tools, make the scanned PDF documents become editable

Convert PDF to editable Word with its OCR feature. It is a tool that recognizes text within a digital image or PDF format. With this, you can access and edit text which is converted with this technology.

c) Make comments and annotation

Another feature of this solution is its ability to add comments or drawing markups and annotation. 

d) Sign and watermark

This innovative tool also allows you to insert signatures and certify your pdfs digitally. Plus, you can make your own watermarks using this tool.

e) Crop, rotate, delete, split PDF pages

Modify your pdf document with these helpful features. Easily rotate, crop, delete, as well as split your pdf pages. You don’t need to worry for this process won’t affect the quality of your pdfs.


Another powerful tool that we have to add text to a PDF document is the LightPDF. It is an free online tool which has a wide range of features to help you with your PDF dilemmas, especially on converting and editing your files. It  allows you to make changes to the PDF file like merge, split, sign unlock, protect, compress, and rotate the PDF content. 

See the guide below for the detailed instructions.

  1. On the main interface of the website , hit the Edit PDF option.

    LightPDF site interface

  2. Click the “Open” button to upload the document that you want to edit. p>LightPDF open file

  3. Next, you can start to edit, add annotations, and insert images to your document. You can also add drawing markupson its Annotation feature.

    LightPDF edit pdf


We can’t deny that editing pdfs is annoying and troublesome. But with the solutions given above you can easily modify your pdf documents. If you’re looking for the best way to edit pdf on Word and gives you professional quality output, we highly recommend ApowerPDF.

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