Excellent Remote Team Management Software in 2020

Excellent Remote Team Management Software in 2020

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Good teamwork develops an environment that promotes faithfulness and friendship, these are the ingredients for making the employees proactive, focused on goals, and make initiative actions. On that note, you will need a great tool to manage remote team management. You can read more below to learn the top excellent remote team management tools that you can use.

Best 5 Excellent Remote Management Tools


Instagantt New Task Button

Workload management, that is only one of the great feature that Instafantt offers. Balancing your team’s workload is not an easy task, but with this tool, you can easily determine the critical periods of the time when your team is overload. You can detect each member because they have their own row attached with their all given task displayed on the chart, on that way, you can track their records of accomplishments, currently doing, etc. Having said that, using this remote workforce management software can truly help your remote teams.


  • Supports 24/7 live representative.
  • An available platform on Cloud, SaaS, and Web.


Todoist Inbox Button

A project manager you can trust, with Todoist, it allows you to orderly organized team’s task, file, and discussions in one place. It has a lot of great features like centralized admin. With this feature, you can view invoices, manage team members, and sharing great ideas. The good thing with this tool is, it is secure and reliable because you can restore and have backups of all tasks and projects that have been completed. That being said, this is one of the safest remote team management software that you can have.


  • A lot of quality third-party integrations.
  • Easy to create shared projects.


Teamwork Home Button

Make task management that will let you do on your way. Teamwork will allow you to modify your workflow, get great visibility, and centralize all task information. These are the features that you will need to bring better projects, plan, collaborate, deliver, and report. From large projects up to the tiniest tasks, this tool will help you to rundown everything you need to do to reach your goals. In addition to that, you can view all team performances and make them notified if there are some changes to plans and new ideas. You can also easily reassign jobs between your teams with its feature. Moreover, you can try this virtual team management tool to discover its other function regarding on how to remote team management.


  • Encourage creativity and learnings.
  • Teaches conflict resolution skills.


Scoro Dashboard Button

Want to transform your business management flow? Scoro will take care of that. You can manage a task on one page to see what they need and what is the other procedure to work with. This includes time spent and billed, planned projects and meetings, expenses and invoices, feedbacks and documents, and many more. Moreover, its feature in making a plan is great, because by using this, you can easily create a schedule of work and assign tasks, schedule meetings, and everyone in the team can view manage their projects for them to know their priorities and deadlines. This remote team management tool is one of a kind.


  • Great implementation process.
  • Very well-thought interconnected modules.


Jell Workplace Button

Everything that is necessary for managing a productive team is here such as daily stand-ups, check-ins, goal tracking, mobile apps, and integration. In Jell, you can place goals on all levels of the team, to track them all in one place. Everyone can also view their performances and share the results in also one place. Moreover, its integration feature allows you to collaborate with another app like Slack, if you used this, all your activities will be posted on Slack. Having said that, you can try its paid version to explore more this remote workforce management software.


  • Allows teammates to track the admin’s progress.
  • It simplifies the way teams work together.

Comparison of the tools

SolutionActive Customer SupportEasy to UseLots of IntegrationsPaid Service
Instagantt Yes Yes No Yes
Todoist No Yes Yes No
Teamwork Yes Yes No No
Scoro No Yes Yes Yes
Jell Yes Yes No Yes

Tips to manage distributed teams:

  • Pick the right solution – You need to choose a reliable solution for the transparency of both internal and external transactions.
  • Appoint a person to manage remote team management – Managing a remote team is a lot easier when you hire the right person to manage it.
  • Conduct a short meeting every day – This will allow everyone to stay focus on the same goals.


All written tools above are all helpful regarding remote team management. They have their own capacity in offering their service. Therefore, it concludes that the best remote team management tools depend on your owns needs that suit your preferred standards.

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