Best Ways to Add Password to PDF 2022

We all know that PDFs are formatted in a way the creator of the document has full control of those who can edit or access them. However, there are instances that we need to send sensitive data such as financial information, contracts, business proposals, etc. Of course, you don’t want this info to be unsecured and with it, you need to set a password to PDF.

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To help you in adding password to PDF, we will give you the best ways to add a password to your PDF this coming 2022. You can surely use these solutions even you are not tech-savvy.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat, the developer of PDF format. This application is a very efficient tool to secure PDF without any hassle. You can restrict other users to edit, copy, print, and access your documents. It also offers a team protection feature which is great for businesses. 

On the other hand, to set a password and protect the PDFs you need to avail of its monthly annual subscription which is very high-cost and it will not be convenient for others especially students and beginners in the freelancing world. 

You don’t need to worry about this because the internet offers a variety of third-party programs and online services to password protect PDF files. Also, we already handpicked the best of these solutions to make it easier to choose the cheaper or even won’t cost you even a single penny.

Other programs

  • LightPDF
  • ApowerPDF
  • SmallPDF
  • iLovePDF
  • PDF2Go
  • PDF24

LightPDF (Online & Desktop)

If you find it quite hard to download and install software to encrypt password restrictions to PDF, then try this versatile and reliable tool. LightPDF is an online program that lets secure PDF documents or even removes security from password-protected PDFs. Worry-free because this tool guarantees you 100% safety and privacy of your files and there is no loss on contents. All you have to do is to create a password to your PDF file and others will be restricted others from accessing it. 

Here are the simple steps to help you put and remove the passwords on your PDF.

Step 1: Visit the LightPDF website, then go to the Protect PDF feature of this online tool.

lightpdf protect pdf online

Step 2: Upload the file that you want to put security. Then, set your password and click Protect.

lightpdf create password

Step 3: Download the PDF as soon as the encryption is done.

download encryption is donw

Moreover, you can also download the LightPDF on your desktop. In the app version, LightPDF has more functions for adding password. Once installed, launch the program and open the PDF you want to protect. Choose Tools > Set Password, then decide if you want to set password for viewing this PDF or editing it. Many more specific encryption options, such as the permission to print PDF, the permission to insert pictures and comments, etc., can be clicked here.

set permission password to pdf


apowerpdf encrypt password

One more best solution to add protection to your PDFs is ApowerPDF. It is a powerful software to protect important information on your documents. Additionally, it keeps the privacy of your files and avoids copyright infringement. You can use its Protection feature and encrypt your files with a password with no hassle. This tool only has an app version, so you can consider downloading it if you need it.


smallpdf protect page

Secure PDF files with the use of SmallPDF. It allows you to easily encrypt your documents with a password. Moreover, it lets you convert your Word documents into PDF format before putting 128-bit AES protection to them. It also offers the read-only feature to prevent others to modify or print the file.


pdf2go protect page

Keep your files protected by using PDF2go. This accessible online tool lets you add passwords to your PDF documents to prevent unauthorized access to your files especially those which contain sensitive data. Plus, it has optional settings which let you use the Rasterize feature. With it, you can prevent others to edit and reveal hidden areas of your document.


ilovepdf protection page

One of the most prominent solutions when it comes to PDF is iLovePDF. This online-based tool helps you to make PDF files protected instantly and restricts others to copy, edit, or print your document. By using its Protect PDF file feature, you can put passwords to your documents. However, just be aware of the ads that you can encounter on this site.


pdf24 page

The last solution in our list is PDF24. It is also an easy-to-use web-based tool to protect your PDF files. With it, you can adjust the permission to access your documents such as disallowing them to copy, print, or modify the contents of your password-protected PDF. One more good thing about this program is that your files will be deleted after a short period of time. 

Tips for creating a strong password and a good way to remember it

Sure, putting a password on your PDF documents sounds great but there is more than enough in this. Creating a strong password is very essential to make your files even more protected and secure. To help you with this, here are some tips to ensure your password is strong enough to prevent hackers to access your files as well as tips to remember easily.

  1. Make your password long or at least a minimum of 15 characters.
  2. Include numbers, symbols, or uppercase and lowercase letters. 
  3. Avoid using obvious or easy-to-guess personal information.
  4. Start using a password manager or take note of your passwords.
  5. Change your passwords regularly.


To sum it up, these best solutions can make your PDF files secure and protected. Each has excellent encrypting features to prevent copyright infringement and unauthorized access to your documents. Plus, you can have some tips on how to create strong passwords and how to remember them easily. 

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