How to Convert Image to Excel Files using Your Phone

JPG is one of the most popular image files and graphics and widely accepted by all image viewers and editors. On the other hand, there are some instances that you want to insert data from pictures. In that case, you need to convert JPG to Excel and input or add the content needed. With the following tools you can finish this everywhere on your mobile phone.

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Useful OCR Apps to Convert JPG to Excel on your phone

Apowersoft Scanner (iOS & Android)

Apowersoft Scanner app is on our first list. This is a handy yet professional document scanner app that offers form recognition so that it can turn photos to Excel by using your phone’s camera. Moreover, it can recognize texts images and convert your images into scanned Word, Excel or TXT. Aside from that, it supports batch scanning and can take multiple photos to upload. It is also possible to upload images that are stored on your phone and scan them. Besides, this app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Apowersoft Scanner

To have further understanding of how to convert JPG to Excel files on mobile phone, please follow the steps below:

  • On your mobile device, get the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • Once installed, launch it and then tap the “Form Recognition” button from the main interface of the app. The phone camera will be opened to scan the document.

    convert JPG to Excel on mobile phone

  • Position the camera on the document that you wish to scan. Then, hit the scan icon and choose an area from the scanned document then hit “Next”.
  • After that, choose a color and then hit “Done”. Tap on “OCR” > “Export Excel” and save the file.

    convert JPG to XSL

Convert JPG to XLSX (Android)

Next on the list is the Convert JPG to XLSX. This app lets you convert pictures to Excel for free. With its fast and efficient conversion feature, the process would take a few minutes only. Apart from that, it supports several languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and so on. Besides, it can extract text from JPG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP and convert it into an editable excel file.

Convert JPG to XLSX

Document Scan (Android)

An alternative picture to excel converter is Document Scan. This is a handy and powerful PDF scanner that offers OCR text recognition capabilities. With that, images can be easily turned into Excel and other file formats such as ppt, txt, and so on. Also, it allows you functions to modify scan color, edit text, share, etc.

picture to Excel

Image to Excel Converter (Android)

Another application that can convert image to Excel table is the Image to Excel Converter. This is a document scanning app that offers high recognition accuracy, fast and clean scanning. In addition to that, users can easily use its form recognition function to scan images to XlS files and proceed with editing the file as needed.

Image to Excel Converter

Microsoft Lens (iOS)

Last but not least is the Microsoft Lens. This app can turn images to Excel, PDF, and PPT files into digitize or handwritten text. With the help of this app, you can be productive at work and school. Furthermore, captured images in your gallery can be imported and scanned.

Microsoft Lens


Now that the best image to excel converters is presented, you can quickly turn images to excel anytime and anywhere. Each application offers its unique converting function. You can use all these apps without any trouble. Meanwhile, if you want an accurate scanner, Apowersoft Scanner is the best for you.

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