Review of Top Scanner Apps in Google Play 2022

Start your 2022 into a paperless year! Scan receipts, documents, PDFs, and books and turn them into digital. You don’t need to avail expensive machine scanners and printers anymore, as your Android phone works better with these top Scanner apps in Google Play for 2022. We already handpicked the best scanning apps with powerful editing features and Optical Character Recognition technology to bring out the best of the coming years!

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Top Scanner Apps on Google Play 2021

Apowersoft Scanner

”Apowersoft Scanner Top Scanner apps

Based on the Google Play scanner app review, Apowersoft Scanner is the leading software among the top scanner apps. With its innovative feature, you can easily turn any documents It is equipped with OCR technology that extracts text from images and still gives you high-quality outputs. In addition to this advantage, this tool allows you to sign documents and share them with others via Facebook, email, Whatsapp, etc.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast processing of scanned documents
  • Professional-quality outputs
  • Smart OCR feature
  • Send documents via Facebook, email, Whatsapp, etc.


  • To use other features, you need to avail VIP account


CamScanner Top Scanner Apps

CamScanner is one of the most established apps that can turn a paper into digital. This has an OCR feature that quickly extracts texts from scanned documents. You can also adjust the scan quality with its enhanced and crop editing tool tools. Aside from that, it can remove and clean messy background from your JPG or PDF files.


  • Adjust the quality of scanned-documents
  • Editing features that you can freely use
  • Secure documents with a passcode


  • In-app purchase that is very costly
  • Leave watermarks for the free version

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens Top Scanner Apps

Another excellent portable scanner with good reviews is Microsoft Lens. Convert your paper documents and whiteboard images into PDF, Word, or PPT. Further, you can get rid of shadows on your processed documents instantly and saved files can be shared through email. This platform is widely used by businesses and schools.


  • Easy-to-use app
  • Keeps the original quality of the scanned documents


  • Editing options are limited
  • OCR doesn’t work in handwritten text

Genius Scan

Genius Scan Top Scanner Apps

If you’re looking for a trustworthy smartphone scanner, try Genius Scan. It automatically detects document add apply perspective correction to them. You can scan documents at once quickly. Plus, it can enhance the colors of your output with its available filters.


  • Its auto-crop feature works well
  • Multiple pages scanning at once
  • Fast document detection


  • Doesn’t give you good quality scanned-document

vFlat Scan

vFlat Top Scanner Apps

Digitize your documents with vFlat Scan. It has also OCR and text recognition features that allow you to turn scanned images into text. Moreover, it automatically recognizes and crops borders of your processed documents. The converted text can be easily copied and shared with others.


  • Produces good scanned results
  • Has a live preview feature
  • Easy PDF export


  • Requires manual adjustment

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner Top Scanner Apps

Fast Scanner also gains a positive scanning app review this 2021. It works fast when it comes to scanning documents. . It also allows you to scan documents from multiple pages at once and turn them into PDF or JPEG format for free. Plus, it can be used to edit your documents and to add or delete pages on your files.


  • Supports multi-page PDF
  • Quick document and auto PDF export
  • Built-in image editor


  • No cloud storage support
  • Does not have an auto-detection feature


Notebloc Top Scanner Apps

Scan, edit, and share your documents digitally with the Notebloc app. It is also an OCR software that lets you have limitless scans. Additionally, you can create single or multi-page documents and organize them in folders and subfolders. You can even save or share your processed documents to email / Whatsapp / Dropbox, etc.


  •  No Watermark and doesn’t sign up for an account
  •  Unlimited usage
  •  OCR for more than 18 different languages


  • Pop-up ads in every scan


TurboScan Top Scanner Apps

Turbo Scan is one of the prominent scanning software that gives you high-quality scanned documents in PDF or image format. Adjust brightness and rotate your scanned documents in just a snap. You can also organize your scanned files in this tool and send them via email to others.


  • Emphasizes image quality
  • Ability to modify scanned documents


  • No Optical Character Resolution feature

Clear Scanner

Clear Scan Top Scanner Apps

Last but not least of the top scanner app review is the Clear Scanner. It quickly turns your documents or images from your phone into PDF or JPEG format. This delicate mobile scanner operates fast so you can scan multiple pages at once. Furthermore, it offers efficient editing tools that let you modify your scanned documents easily.


  • Professional editing features
  • Quickly export scanned documents
  • Multiple available filters


  • Low-quality processed documents


These are the top-rated Android Scanner Apps of 2021. Finding the perfect software among these can be time-consuming. So, we have written down the scanner app review of each tool to help you choose the one you’re looking for. However, if you want the best Android scanner, we highly recommend Apowersoft Scanner.

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