5 Innovative Ways Companies Use PDF Editors

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The popularity of the PDF editor software is steadily gaining traction. More than 80% of the world’s businesses and organizations use PDF as their standard document format and for good reasons.

One of those reasons is the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) itself. In a ISO report, a number of factors were pointed out that made PDF the de facto standard format for business documents, mainly due to its compatibility with multiple platforms.

Alongside its ubiquitousness, one factor that drives the nearly absolute utilization and implementation of PDF is its simplification of many business tasks and processes. Any PDF tool, whether it’s a premium platform or a free PDF online editor, can accelerate tons of tasks and workflows, particularly approval and signature-based tasks. Thus it impacts an organization’s overall efficiency and productivity. It’s no wonder why PDF is branded as one of the technologies changing small businesses.

If you are looking to integrate PDF with the way you do business, here are some ways you can maximize its potential and gain big returns on your investment.

1. Integrate With Your Document Management System

Most document management systems are built with PDF tools that let users create, edit, modify, and collaborate on PDF documents. But if your current document management software is lacking such a feature, it is best that you get a PDF software and proceed with the integration of the two systems.

The advantages of a PDF solution brings to any business or organization should not be overlooked. It is key for your business to have a PDF system and incorporate it with your document management platform. Benefits such as fast creation of documents, single version of the truth, and frictionless collaboration among others await you and your team.

But if you can’t afford a premium PDF software, you can always opt to use a free PDF editor online tool from a variety of online services providers and test it out before making a decision to purchase.

2. Store and Secure Your Documents Online

File cabinets and folders are slated to become obsolete as cloud-based storage hubs are becoming popular alternatives. For one, file cabinets and folders take too much space in the office. Two, you can save money on storing your documents online as you don’t have to shell out funds to buy cabinets and folders. Three, searching for specific documents can be quite exhaustive, especially if you have to go through numerous stacks of files and folders.

Online PDF editors provide businesses and organizations with secure cloud-hosted storage centers for their documents. Managing and organizing files is a breeze. You can easily categorize your documents and include tags to make search and retrieval quick and painless. And because your PDF documents are in the cloud, you can easily access your documents using your mobile device any time at your convenience.

In terms of security, PDF editors automatically encrypt your files to protect them from unauthorized access. You can also set specific password per document and only those individuals with appropriate permissions and password can access and retrieve the documents.

3. Share Documents Instantly With Other People
In any business setting, sharing business documents is a common practice. But physically delivering documents to different individuals and departments can be time-consuming. When the recipient is not around to receive the documents, delays can ensue and that can be detrimental to business.

A PDF editor software not only lets you create business documents but also lets you share them instantly with your colleagues, clients, managers, and other stakeholders. In just a few clicks, your documents are off to your recipients’ inbox and mobile devices. They are immediately notified once they receive a contract, an invoice, or a statement. You are also alerted the moment they opened their emails or texts, allowing you to make prompt follow-ups when needed.

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4. Sign Documents Securely

Whether you are using the best free PDF editor available or a pricey PDF platform, one thing it does on a consistent basis is that it lets you sign legally binding signatures on business documents. This is a crucial feature as it speeds up critical tasks that require signatures and/or approvals from specific individuals and departments.

The best PDF systems can be integrated with e-signature software if they don’t have such capability. Many e-sign systems are built ready for integration with PDF software. They come with topnotch security features and adhere to compliance and regulation standards to ensure the validity, safety, and security of signed documents.

Once documents are signed, you can quickly share them with your colleagues for further action or submit them to your superiors for review and approval. No more manual delivery of signed documents from one department to another, which facilitates and streamlines the approval process.

5. Collaborate With Other People

Business documents like contracts, leases, agreements, progress reports, and financial statements can be taxing to make, especially when there are too many details and people involved. Accuracy is paramount. A single typo or a slight miscalculation can render a document invalid and it’s integrity questionable.

It is only natural for business documents to undergo multiple reviews and revisions prior to submission for review, approval, and signature. But physical collaboration can really slow down the process especially when documents are passed around having the people involved gather around and collaborate in real-time.

A PDF editor addresses these issues effectively. Users can go online and view the documents from their screens instead of lumping together in the same room. They can add notes, highlight their revisions, and make suggestions on the documents and others can view all these in real-time. Most PDF systems come with grammar and spell check features, helping users eliminate typos. With everyone on the same page, document collaboration is fast, easy, and productive.

PDF Has Strong Longevity

One can write a long list of advantages a PDF editor software brings to your business. The PDF format makes receiving and reading all sorts of documents not just quick and easy, but extremely convenient. It works on any device and platform. Documents don’t change its format, appearance, and structure whether you’re viewing them from your desktop or your mobile phone.

In a 2018 article on the history of PDF, experts predict that PDF will remain significant 50 years well into the future. What was initially designed for converting and archiving government documents into digital formats, PDF has definitely made its mark as an important milestone in the history of computing.

The availability of PDF systems, both paid and free, is indicative of the format’s growing use. With almost every business organization and professional in the world using such a format, one can easily say that PDF is the future of document publishing and sharing. And that future has arrived.

And PDF is not limited to the realm of business. It can be used for a myriad of purposes including education, research, and even personal matters.

Experts say that there is no shift in computing that will ever displace PDF as the standard document format for business. While other formats may thrive, PDF is poised to become the king of document format both in the near and distant future. Investing in a PDF software is no longer optional, it is a necessity.

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