6 Great Adobe Document Cloud Alternatives You Can Use Today

Through the years, storing files online has helped you save space from your devices. When it comes to handling documents, Adobe Cloud has been widely used to manage files efficiently. With this, we can’t deny that this is a helpful tool whatever nature of work we have. However, not all people can afford to avail this application. In this blog, see the best and less expensive Document Cloud Adobe alternatives for your convenience.

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Cloud Adobe Document Alternatives

Feasible Document Adobe Cloud Alternatives


Besides its exceptional converting and editing features, LightPDF has newly developed its PDF cloud storage. It allows you to upload, edit, sign, and share your documents online for free. Additionally, you can collaborate with your teams or colleagues and make further editing with no hassle.


  • It offers more advanced tools to deal with your documents, especially PDFs
  • This web-based platform has a user-friendly interface that even beginners would easily understand
  • You can use its other excellent features with no usage limitation


  • This program needs more innovation or integration of other features to easily collaborate with team members
  • You can use its OCR service with up to 100 pages only


Another leading solution that offers PDF Cloud service is OneDrive. It allows you to save your files and automatically sync them on your devices. Moreover, it is usually used to backup data and access them anytime and anywhere. 

OneDrive Cloud Management


  • It can handle photos, videos, and documents with 5 GB of free storage space
  • Easy collaboration with Microsoft applications such as Word and Powerpoint
  • Can give read-only permissions to the recipient of the file to restrict editing 


  • This service is best for personal use and might limit sharing files with other people
  • Synching or uploading files may be at risk of privacy concerns and might be copyrighted 

pdfFiller Cloud Storage

Compared to other filling form tools, pdfFiller is a flexible program. It helps you manage documents in the Cloud so that you can free up space. In addition, its cloud-based system can be used as a document creator, PDF editor, form builder, eSignature tool, and online data management platform.

PDFfiller PDF Cloud


  • Easy sharing of files, especially when you need to sign or fill up forms electronically
  • Files can be sent via email, fax, Notarize, IRS, USPS, and SMS
  • It is integrated with other Cloud-based services, Libraries, and browser extensions


  • You can modify your documents directly on the platform but downloading it is a paid service
  • It needs a high learning curve in using some of its advanced functionalities

Google Drive

Google Drive is an online cloud document management software that allows you to store, manage, and access your files online. It handles documents to collaborate with your teams using links or allowing them to access the document directly. Furthermore, other team members can edit and add comments to the file.

Google Drive Cloud Document


  • It can be used by businesses as a file management system on any devices
  • This program opens or accesses up to 30 types of files including PDF, DOC, and XLS
  • You can easily upload files and move folders to another folder


  • For security reasons, it is not recommended to store sensitive information on the platform
  • There is a daily limit of files. For example, if you convert a text document to Google Docs format, the maximum file size is 50 MB.

Egnyte Cloud

Meet your data management expectations using Egnyte. This Adobe Cloud alternative organizes, protects, and shares critical files such as the company’s data. Plus, it supports real-time collaboration for the accessibility of files and connecting with your colleagues. It allows you to get a custom URL for link sharing. 

Egnyte Adobe Cloud alternative


  • Designed for small to large organizations to collaborate with remote teams
  • Provide security codes to access confidential files online, especially for business file sharing
  • It is straightforward to use. All the employees of the company were able to use it with ease.


  • File and folder restoration can do a maximum of 80 items per page only
  • The system gets slow when dealing with large files and sometimes starts lagging


Completing the best alternative solutions to Document Cloud Adobe is Lumin. It offers a cloud management service that helps you create, collaborate and share your files with others. Like LightPDF, it also helps annotate, merge, sign, convert,  and edit your pdf files digitally.  

LuminPDF Cloud PDF


  • It integrates as a cross-platform to access your files using any device.
  • Lumin has a wide variety of features that are suitable for managing and sharing PDF documents online
  • This platform is more user-friendly and convenient to use than Adobe


  • Only recommended for small organizations 
  • Editing existing documents with bigger sizes may be challenging and may need special software to download


We all know that Adobe Cloud offers great tools to handle our documents. On the other hand, these tools are so expensive that not all can avail of them. So, the above Document Adobe Cloud alternatives were compiled exclusively for you. We also have listed their strengths and drawbacks to help you choose the best online cloud software that suits your needs.

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