Overview of the features of this API

If your website mainly works for documents and images, then LightPDF API for PDF to JPG may offer some help. You can embed the code generated from this site to your website to let your users easily convert PDF to JPG images.

What you will get from this API service:

  • PDF to JPG service embedded to your website.
  • If the PDF document contains more than one page, the converted images will be packaged in a zip file for easy downloading.
  • The images will be preserved in the same quality as in the original file.
  • If you encounter any problem while embedding the code or running the API, you can contact us for help.

LightPDF API for PDF to JPG currently supports processing files smaller than 5 MB. If you require the API to process files larger than 5 MB, contact us for more details.

Appropriate usage of LightPDF API