LightPDF API Price Planning


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If you need API documentation, please click here. Please contact us for API Key, and if you have any doubts or questions while using our API services, you can also contact us.

Refund Policy

We offer 7 day money-back guarantee for PDF Conversion API.(3 days for a month PDF Conversion API). Once you use OCR API, it cannot be refunded.


Please contact us for larger amount request of API or if you need to deploy API service to your server.


What payment methods are supported?
Currently we only support PayPal. If you want to pay via other method, you can contact us and tell us which method is available for you.
Can I try the service before purchasing?
If you want to see how the API works on your site, you can go to our API page, select the conversion service you need, and set the API, to copy the code and embed it to your site or application. The free API can work for files within 5 MB. If you want to check the conversion quality, you can go to a specified page to convert documents.
How long will I receive the code for API?
Within 7 weekdays after we receive the payment, we will send the code to your email.
Can you invoice me?
Yes, please contact us and tell us the order information, we can issue the invoice for you. If you have any other request for information issued on an invoice, please also speify it while emailing us.
The options above are not what I need, is there any way to discuss about API service.
Yes, please contact us to tell us what you need, we will help you there.
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