Overview of the features of this API

LightPDF API for PDF to TXT enables you to turn PDF content to text. If your website contains certain services where users have to upload TXT file or your customers have the need to convert PDF to TXT, then you can take the advantage of our free API. Simply use the settings above, and then embed the code to your platform.

This API currently supports processing files smaller than 5 MB. If you require the API to process files larger than 5 MB, you can purchase API services.

The API supports js, if you need code or interface called, please refer to API document for details.

Appropriate usage of LightPDF API

1. To use LightPDF API, first you need to add a backlink pointing to LightPDF from the homepage of the website. (You can add it to your footer or header area, and the backlink should be dofollow.)

2. After adding the backlink and updating your website, you can copy your website link and paste it under "Embed API to" on this page.

3. Click the "Validate" button and then you can get the code and embed into your website.