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5 Excellent Android PPT to PDF Converters

People use PPT to make presentations using a collection of slides. Teachers often use it to discuss and present their lessons in front of their students, and there are times that you need to send PPT documents to your co-teacher using your mobile phones. Unfortunately, not all have an Office to read this…

By Elise Channing - 01/17/2020

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Android

Apps to Convert PDF to PPT LightPDF Apowersoft PDF Converter LightPDF LightPDF is known for converting and editing PDF online. This is a free program which can be used on your Android device. It enables users to convert PDF to any other format including PPT. Moreover, the program is compatible with most…

By Alice - 01/16/2020

How to Convert XML to PDF with Ease

Extensive Markup Language (XML) is used to transfer data, configure the framework, create information formats and electronic documents. Some people want to protect their XML codes from other people because XML file encodes in plain text. Therefore, everyone can open it in any text editor. Having said that, you will…

By Elise Channing - 01/13/2020

Easiest Solutions to Convert XLS to PDF

Converting XLS file to PDF will allow everyone to easily open and share XLS file. Sometimes, you need to send XLS files to your partners but unfortunately, they have no Office app to read XLS formats. Therefore, you need to convert XLS file to PDF first so that they can…

By Elise Channing - 01/03/2020

Best Solutions to Convert PDF to XLSX

Excel is a software included in the Microsoft Office Suite. This tool is usually used to create a table to organize data so you can interpret the information more. At times, the excel file is converted to PDF so that it can be printed out conveniently. But if you need…

By Alice - 12/30/2019

Best Photo to PDF Apps in 2023

7 Photo to PDF Apps LightPDF PDF Converter Apowersoft PDF Converter JPG to PDF Converter New PDF Converter Fast PDF Converter IMG2PDF LightPDF LightPDF is an online app that allows you to edit and convert photos to PDF for free. You can easily convert the file using this tool and…

By Alice - 11/22/2019

3 Ways to Convert PDF to BMP

BMP is an image file format which is widely used on Windows and other platforms. If you are a designer or developer, sometimes you will need this kind of file type. And so you may wonder how to convert PDF to Bitmap. Lucky for you, here we will provide some of the best programs to help…

By Alice - 09/25/2019

How to Convert PDF to Grayscale

2 Methods to Convert PDF to Grayscale Method 1: Desktop softwareMethod 2: Online apps Desktop Software LightPDF LightPDF is a user-friendly PDF editor that you can use to convert a PDF to black and white with no hassle. It is a professional solution that lets you print your PDF file…

By Alice - 05/06/2019

Optimal Solutions to Turn Image to Text

To convert image to text is necessary, especially if you need to extract some important content that is printed on reading materials. Yes, writing or typing the text manually is an option, but if you’re in a hurry and if the text is too long, it would be better to…

By Elise Channing - 04/28/2019

5 Awesome Handwriting Recognition Apps

Are you tired of the old-school method of writing down notes on your lessons and then typing them on your mobile or computer again? Now, there is a technology called OCR, which can extract the text in a PDF or images and convert the content to Word or other formats….

By Alice - 04/25/2019

How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac

We often need to use PDF for work or studies. We have to convert PDF to an editable format when we need to edit or modify PDF files. PDF is generally converted to a Word document for easier editing. But we usually can’t find a converter when we need to…

By Elise Channing - 03/20/2019

How to Convert HEIC to PDF

3 Practical Solutions to Convert HEIC to PDF Online SolutionDesktop SolutionOne-click Solution Apowersoft Online HEIC Converter with LightPDF Apowersoft Online HEIC Converter, as its name implies, is an online program for converting HEIC files. It lets users convert HEIC files to JPG instantly. Furthermore, this tool can do batch conversions….

By Alice - 01/16/2019

Excellent Methods to Create PDF from Word

Microsoft Word is a great program, probably the most powerful word-processing software that exists, but unfortunately there are certain cases in which you may not be able to view these files on certain devices. While Word documents are very useful and widely-supported, PDF files are generally available on all platforms….

By Elise Channing - 11/28/2018

Best 7 Word to PDF Converters in 2023

Best Word to PDF Software For All UsersFor Windows usersFor Mac usersFor Android usersFor iOS users LightPDF – Online Tool for Almost all Platforms If you don’t want to waste time downloading a program or installing an extension on your browser to convert Word to PDF, then, you’d better try…

By Alice - 10/30/2018

Best PDF to Word Converters for Windows and Mac

Sometimes, editing a PDF file takes a lot of time and effort. What’s more, some PDF editors are not powerful enough to modify the contents of a PDF document in the way you want to change them. However, if you have a PDF to Word program, things will become much…

By Elise Channing - 10/27/2018