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5 Awesome Handwriting Recognition Apps

Are you tired of the old-school method of writing down notes on your lessons and then typing them on your mobile or computer again? Now, there is a technology called OCR, which can extract the text in a PDF or images and convert the content to Word or other formats….

By Alice - 04/25/2019

How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac

We often need to use PDF for work or studies. We have to convert PDF to an editable format when we need to edit or modify PDF files. PDF is generally converted to a Word document for easier editing. But we usually can’t find a converter when we need to…

By Elise Channing - 03/20/2019

How to Convert HEIC to PDF

3 Practical Solutions to Convert HEIC to PDF Online SolutionDesktop SolutionOne-click Solution Apowersoft Online HEIC Converter with LightPDF Apowersoft Online HEIC Converter, as its name implies, is an online program for converting HEIC files. It lets users convert HEIC files to JPG instantly. Furthermore, this tool can do batch conversions….

By Alice - 01/16/2019

Excellent Methods to Create PDF from Word

Microsoft Word is a great program, probably the most powerful word-processing software that exists, but unfortunately there are certain cases in which you may not be able to view these files on certain devices. While Word documents are very useful and widely-supported, PDF files are generally available on all platforms….

By Elise Channing - 11/28/2018

Best 7 Word to PDF Converters in 2023

Best Word to PDF Software For All UsersFor Windows usersFor Mac usersFor Android usersFor iOS users LightPDF – Online Tool for Almost all Platforms If you don’t want to waste time downloading a program or installing an extension on your browser to convert Word to PDF, then, you’d better try…

By Alice - 10/30/2018

Best PDF to Word Converters for Windows and Mac

Sometimes, editing a PDF file takes a lot of time and effort. What’s more, some PDF editors are not powerful enough to modify the contents of a PDF document in the way you want to change them. However, if you have a PDF to Word program, things will become much…

By Elise Channing - 10/27/2018

Best PDF Converter for macOS 10.14

macOS 10.14 or Mojave is the 15th major operating system for Mac computers, which was released on September 24, 2018. The version has packed some new features, including dark mode, group FaceTime, redesigned Mac App Store, continuity camera, improved screenshots and security, so on and so forth. These will make…

By Elise Channing - 09/26/2018

How to Turn PDF to HTML with Ease

PDF and HTML are files which contain texts, but both have some important differences. PDF is a digital printed file format which can be viewed offline or online. But it needs a third party application to read and edit it. In some cases, people can’t open or edit a PDF…

By Alice - 09/21/2018

Top 5 PDF to JPG Programs (Windows & Mac)

PDF is commonly used on work places. It is a very convenient format since they take a little space on your hard drive, and it is compatible in almost all platforms. However, sometimes we just need some pages of a PDF file or we want to view the content as…

By Elise Channing - 09/18/2018

Free Solutions to Convert Key File to PDF

How to Convert Keynote to PDF Windows SolutionMac Solution Convert PDF Online Just read its name, it tells you everything you need to know. This is a website that can do PDF conversions online. Despite its very simple interface, this program is rich in functions. It provides several PDF tools…

By Alice - 08/09/2018

Practical Solutions to Convert HTML to PDF

There are some instances when we need to save a webpage to view it later. The traditional way of saving webpages is by turning it into an HTML file. However, HTML format lacks versatility and ability to edit. Aside from that, you can’t view it without an internet connection. Thus,…

By Elise Channing - 07/30/2018

Feasible Ways to Convert AutoCAD DWG to PDF

DWG is a database that stores 2D or 3D vector image drawings from AutoCAD. It commonly comes with a CAD program. However, this kind of files can’t be viewed easily, if you don’t have the right tools to support this format. In order to view, print and transfer the content…

By Alice - 07/05/2018

Best Ways to Convert MOBI to PDF

MOBI is a format for eBook files designed to store digital books with low bandwidth and low-end mobile devices. It is good for eBooks with plaintext and advanced navigations. However, it lacks power and flexibility since it is only readable using the Amazon Kindle program. If you want to view…

By Elise Channing - 06/22/2018

3 Practical Solutions to Turn PDF into Excel

In business and our daily work, we often share a PDF table, as it is hard to modify, and it is easy to share and view among different platforms. However, when we need to calculate the statistics inside a PDF file, it may be difficult because PDF doesn’t contain the…

By Alice - 06/20/2018

Excellent Solutions to Convert PDF to MP3

PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats, since it can be viewed on different platforms. Sometimes, people prefer listening to an audio to reading a PDF, especially when they are doing something. You can convert PDF to MP3. In this way, you can listen to PDF with…

By Elise Channing - 06/15/2018