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How to Convert GIF to PDF

You may have already learned before how to convert JPG images to a PDF in order to create a portfolio, PDF book, or similar other digital content. However, for some other people, who want to view every image of GIF in PDF, finding a feasible conversion tool might not be…

By Alice - 06/05/2018

How to Convert PDF to Text File?

As we all know, managing text on a PDF document is not that easy since you’ll need an additional program that has some editing capability. But if you only wish to manage the text content alone, then the best way to do it is to convert PDF to text file….

By Alice - 03/15/2018

How to Convert Keynote File to PPT

Keynote is a very popular presentation application developed by Apple which can help you create presentations. It comes with over 30 cinematic transitions, beautiful charts, dozens of gorgeous themes and many powerful tools. With its intuitive interface, it takes little effort to make dazzling presentations. However, the .key file can…

By Elise Channing - 02/23/2018

How to Convert PDF to Keynote on Mac

For Mac users, Keynote is one of the most amazing and useful presentation apps that has ever been designed. It can help you produce a more attractive and vivid presentation that will keep your audience’s attention. However, many documents are kept in PDF format. Therefore, you will need to convert…

By Alice - 02/09/2018

How to Convert PDF to Word on iPhone, iPad

Via LightPDF Via Apowersoft PDF Converter How to Convert PDF to Word on iPhone, iPad Use LightPDF LightPDF is a very handy PDF to Word converter for iPhone which allows you to convert PDF to Word, PPT, PNG, JPG and other formats. You can also use it to convert various…

By Alice - 01/22/2018

How to Convert Pages File to PDF on iDevices, Mac and Windows PC

How to change Pages to PDF Pages for iOS: save in PDF on iOS device Apple Pages: export to PDF directly CloudConvert: convert to PDF online Pages for iOS: Change Pages to PDF on iPhone/iPad Price: Free System: iOS There is Pages for iOS, a really powerful mobile app like…

By Elise Channing - 01/17/2018