How to Convert PDF to Grayscale

Whenever we are talking about grayscale, it’s something that used to have a range of grey shades from white to black. Sometimes, printers only support black and white files, so you need to set the PDF file in grayscale format. Actually, to change a PDF to black and white is very simple, in just a few steps you can convert your PDF file into grayscale with ApowerPDF. Check how it works as well as other solutions we list to you.

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Convert PDF to Grayscale

2 Methods to Convert PDF to Grayscale

Desktop Software


ApowerPDF is one of the best tools that can easily convert a PDF to black and white. This comprehensive program allows users to save their PDF file into grayscale without any hassle. Also, this tool is designed for users having difficulty editing their PDF file, for it has a clean interface. Moreover, ApowerPDF has advanced editing features such as adding text, images, watermarks, links and more. See the guide below to change your PDF file to grayscale.

  1. Launch the program, click “Open Files” and select a PDF document that you will convert in the program.


  2. Under “File”, click “Print”.

    Print Button in ApowerPDF

  3. Put a check mark on “Print in grayscale (black and white)”. You can see the changes in the preview window.

    Print in Grayscale


PDF-XChange is a full featured editor that can help you with turning PDF files to grayscale. It enables you to set the black and white color in your PDF file in an instant. This tool can also help you to manipulate your PDF file through features such as adding comments, annotations, secure and customization. Also, using this tool, you can take snapshots, measure dimensions, create/edit web links and a lot more. Here are the steps to make your PDF file into black and white.

  1. Download this software and click “File” > “Open” > “Browse” and choose the file that you need to convert to grayscale.
  2. Click “File” > “Print” > “More” to set the color of your file.


  3. Go to Color Override and choose “Grayscale”, then hit the “OK” button.


Online Apps


Another tool that can help you in turning your PDF file into black and white is Sejda. This tool is an online third-party website that has a user-friendly PDF management tool. It is easy to figure out and use, because of its clean interface. Furthermore, this tool has various features such as convert, merge, edit and a lot more. However, even though it is an online tool, it has page limitations and you can only perform 3 tasks per hour. For more information on how to convert PDF to grayscale online using Sejda, see steps below:

  1. Go to its official website. From its interface, click “Upload PDF files” and choose the file that you want to convert to grayscale.


  2. Then, click the “Convert PDF to grayscale” button, and wait for your file to be processed.


  3. Finally, to save your file click “Download”.


These are some of the tools that you may use in converting your PDF file to black and white. They all offer an easy and nice way to convert a PDF file to grayscale. Yet, for all the tools that are listed about, I highly recommend ApowerPDF because it has advanced features that will help you to fully edit your PDF file. Also, it is a desktop tool that you can use anywhere. But it is up to your preference which tool you need.

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  • Yes, it works, I used the solution to print, and the output paper are all black and white.
  • I searched a lot of solutions to convert PDF to gray scale, I couldn’t imagine that it is hidden in printing settings, got it now.

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