Top 6 Apps to Scan a Book to PDF in iPhone

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As the world continues to be digitized, turning your books into digital with no scanning machine is possible with the use of book scanning software. For this reason, people who deal a lot with books like teachers and their students. They can easily share important documents or schoolworks with no hassle because all they need is their mobile phone to convert book to PDF. Whether for school or for personal use, we are here for you to give the best way to scan a book with these exceptional mobile applications.

List of Recommended Book Scanner

Apowersoft Scanner (iOS&Android)

If you’re looking for an on-the-go book scanning software, Apowersoft Scanner is the first option. It has a simple interface that is perfect for students, teachers, or anyone who needs a portable scanning device. With this, you can scan books, notes and any document is as easy as winking especially it is operated with auto-recognition and OCR technology. Furthermore, you can add signatures, extract texts from images, optimize your scanned documents, or even send it via Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and email. To have a better experience on how to scan a book using your mobile phone, see the steps below.

  • Download and launch the app.

  • Then tap the Scan icon.

    scan icon

  • Next, hit the Camera icon to capture the document. Click the ✔ to proceed to scanning process.

    apowerscanner step two

  • You can modify your processed document like resizing, cropping, and adding signature. If you are finished, your document will be automatically saved on the application. Moreover, you can share it via Facebook messenger, email, whatsapp, etc.

    apower scanner step three


Another comprehensive book scanning software is the Camscanner. With its OCR and auto-recognition feature, it lets you scan any text, notes, or paper document with just a snap. With this, you can crop and enhance your files and still give you high quality and clear scanned documents. Further, you can send your scanned book right away to your recipients. And to give you a better understanding on how to scan book pages using this app, here are the steps to follow.

  • Open the application. Then, press the camera icon on the middle of the interface.

    cam scanner step one

  • Once the picture is captured, you can modify the scanned page like cropping and rotating it.  Press the check arrow icon when you have everything in place.

    camscanner step two

  • Press the check mark and the photo will save as a new document.

    camscanner step three


Next on the list is QuickScan. This book scanning app can digitize a book to pdf in just a few taps. In fact, it was developed for the students who struggled on their PDF schoolworks during the pandemic. With it, you can easily scan your documents because of its OCR feature. Even if it is just a newly innovated application, its ability to turn papers into PDFs is incredible. Below are the steps to guide on how to scan a book to pdf using this program.

  • Launch the software. On its main interface, tap “New Scan”.

    quickscan step one

  • Capture the page that you want to digitize. Then, modify your scanned document with its editing features.

    quick scan step two

  • After that, tap Done to save the file in PDF or JPEG format.

    quickscan step three

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is another powerful portable scanner that gives you the best way to scan a book into pdf. It recognizes text automatically through OCR technology and allows you to save your processed book pages into PDF or JPEG. Also, it enables you to edit your documents and send them to your recipient straight away. To give your further details, see steps on how to scan a page from a book below.

  • Open the Adobe Scan app. Tap the Circle icon on the lower middle of the interface and the scanning will start.

    adobe step one

  • After this, you can either choose to retake the scanning or proceed to edit your scanned book page.

    adobe step two

  • On the upper right corner of the screen, tap Save PDF to file your document.

    adobe three

Genius Scan

It seems cumbersome on how to scan a whole book but through Genius Scan you can easily do it. This mobile application has no scanning limits so you can produce numerous digitized documents quickly. Moreover, it has smart algorithms that automatically detect your document, apply perspective correction, and enhance the colors. Additonally, you send it through email to your recipient. Explore the best way to scan a book into pdf with the steps provided.

  • Launch the program. Tap the camera icon in the bottom right corner of the interface.

    genius three

  • After the capturing and scanning process, you can edit picture and add efeitos on it.

    genius scan two

  • Tap Done to save your document.

    genius scan three


Last but not definitely the least is Notebloc. It is a software specifically for teachers and students who are searching for book scanning software. Actually, this app is equipped with smart detection, cropping, and editing features that makes the scanning process very fast and efficient. Plus, it gives clear scanned documents without any watermarks and share documents online: e-mail, instant messaging, social networks, etc. Here are the steps on using this tool.

  • Open the application and press the camera icon.

    notebloc step two

  • Once done with the scanning, you can modify the processed document.

    notebloc step two

  • Hit Save to file your scanned file.

    notebloc step three


Overall, the app listed above can help you convert book to PDF with no hassle. Each has unique interface and features that will surely help you to turn printed papers into digital. Surely, these applications will let you scan your documents anytime and anywhere.

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