How to Convert PDF to Word on iPhone, iPad

How to Convert PDF to Word on iPhone, iPad

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Many users would like to choose PDF format when they save a file, because the layout of the contents of the file will be retained across all platforms. But compared to Word format, you may find it is harder to add texts, adjust the fonts or change the layouts of a PDF file. So, sometimes you will probably need to convert PDF to Word for convenience. There are many online services or desktop PDF tools that can be used to convert a PDF file to Word on computer. However, you might not know how to convert PDF to Word on iPhone. Here, we will walk you through the easy and free methods.

How to convert PDF to Word on iPhone, iPad

Use LightPDF

LightPDF is a very handy PDF to Word converter for iPhone which allows you to convert PDF to Word, PPT, PNG, JPG and other formats. You can also use it to convert various office file formats including Word, PPT, Excel, etc. to PDF. Moreover, it comes with wide range of useful PDF tools so you can sign, merge, split, unlock or protect a PDF.

There are no limitations on file size, length of usage or frequency. All you need to do is to upload your file, let the converter do the magic and then download the converted file instantly.

LightPDF on iPhone

To convert the PDF file to Word format on your iOS 11 devices, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Browse file for converting

Open Safari on your iPhone, visit LightPDF “PDF to Word” page, hit on the “Choose File” button and choose “Browse”. Next, tap the “Browse” tab at the bottom if you can’t see the PDF file under the “Recents” tab. From there, you can search the PDF file from various locations, including My iPhone, iCloud Drive, etc.

browser PDF file in iOS 11

Step 2: Convert PDF to Word with LightPDF

Choose “Browse” and select the PDF file that you want to convert. The online tool will help you upload and process the file automatically. Just wait for a while, and your file will be converted to Word successfully. Tap the download icon to download the Word file onto your iPhone.

convert PDF to Word with LightPDF

Extra Tips for iOS 10 and previous version users

If you are using iOS 10 or lower versions, you first need to save the PDF file to iCloud Drive in order to be able to select it for conversion. Once it’s done, you can go to the “PDF to Word” option, hit “Choose File”-> “iCloud Drive” and select the file. After that, you can wait for the conversion and download the converted file when ready.

convert PDF to Word in iOS

Use Smallpdf

Just like LightPDF, Smallpdf is also an online service which offers you the ability to convert PDF to Word, excel, PPT, JPG formats. The developers of this tool are from Switzerland and they focus on the user experience. As you can see, it sorts each of their functions with a tab in a different color, making it easy to find the function you intend to use when you open its webpage.

Here is the simple process of how to convert PDF to Word on iPhone via Smallpdf:

  • If you are using iOS 10 or an earlier version, save the PDF file to your iPhone’s iCloud Drive by following the above instructions. For iOS 11 users, you can skip this step.
  • Open your browser on iPhone and type the URL address of Smallpdf. Tap “Go” on the keyboard on your iPhone. Tap “PDF to Word” > “Choose file” > “Browse”, afterwards, select the PDF file. Let the converter upload and convert the file. When it is done, click the “Download” icon to save the converted Word file.

convert PDF to Word in iPhone via Smallpdf

Comparison of the two tools

If you are a first-time user, you will think that both have similar functions and are easy to use. This is not true. Actually, LightPDF doesn’t have any limitations, which means that you can use it no matter how many files you want to convert and how long they are. Smallpdf will remind you to upgrade if you have used it more than two times in one hour. The monthly price is $6 and the annual price is $48. Otherwise, you have to wait for almost an hour to do more tasks.

upgrade Smallpdf

On the other hand, Smallpdf will win when it comes to the platforms. LightPDF is available to use on Windows, Mac and mobile systems, while Smallpdf can even support Linux.

To convert PDF to Word on iPad or iPhone, you should use LightPDF if you are worried about the security of your file. LightPDF will delete the file instantly after managing while Smallpdf will delete it from their server after one hour.

In brief, LightPDF and Smallpdf have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, you can find one most appropriate to you one based upon your needs.

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