The Best Ways to Share a PDF as a URL

Today, we have great news for you! Share PDF as a URL and allow others to access the document as long as they have the link. Uniform Resource Locator is a tool that specifies a unique address of a page or file on the web. Continue reading to know more.

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Share PDF as a URL

Whether for business or personal, it may be a great hassle to send files as an attachment every now and then. Stop stressing your self by consuming time to load and share documents via email if you can send them with a link. Explore how LightPDF Editor can help you to create and share PDF URLs in just a few seconds.

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The Best Solutions You Should Know:

  1. How to share a PDF as a URL
  2. Other Three Methods to Create URL for PDF
  3. An easy-to-use PDF editor—LightPDF

How to share a PDF as a URL

LightPDF Editor is a full-featured software that you can use to improve PDF workflows including editing, converting, OCR, splitting, signing, protecting, and many more. Besides, it guarantees to secure your file and process documents with high-quality results. Get this powerful app now!

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Now, we gonna show how to distribute PDF links to the recipients of your PDF files. Follow these easy steps provided:

  • On the main interface of the LightPDF app, go to the Recent Documents panel. The files that you opened previously are listed in this location. Anyway, visit the Cloud Documents if the file that you want to use is stored in this panel.

    LightPDF Choose File

Note: You should open the file first so that it can be saved on the program and get its link on the Recent Document or Cloud Documents panel.

  • Choose the file that you want to share and then click the Share link icon and the app will process the request to get the link. A pop-up window will appear and please click the Copy Link button.

  • After this, you can send the link to other people via email or any messaging app like the picture shown below. They can simply click the URL or paste it on their browser to access the file that you’ve shared. Also, the recipients of the URL can download the sent file on their devices.

    LightPDF Share PDF URL

Other Three Methods to Create URL for PDF

Method 1: Adobe

Adobe is another solution for PDF sharing links. It lets recipients of the URL view or comment on the documents straightforwardly. Further, the files can be stored in Adobe Cloud and track shared files if they are opened by the recipient.

To give you a better understanding of how to create a PDF URL using this program, follow the given instruction.

  • Once opened the Adobe Cloud, click the share link icon
  • By default, tick the box to allow comments to the file that will be sent. Hit the Create link button and the program will process the request.

    Adobe Create PDF URL

  • Lastly, click Copy Link to share it with others.

Method 2: Google Drive

The next method to make a URL for your PDF is by using Google Drive. This platform is well-known for storing and sharing files on Cloud. But still, there is more feature that this program offers such as getting the URL of your file and sending it to others.

Below are the steps that you can follow to perform this task:

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that your file is stored in Google Drive. If your file doesn’t exist on the platform, upload your PDF file right away.
  • Click the Get Link icon and a pop-up window will appear. Change the permit option from Restricted to Anyone with the link so that others can access it when you send them the link. Then, hit the Copy Link button and click Done after.

    Google Drive Get URL

  • Paste the copied URL on any messaging platform to share the file with other people.

Method 3: OneDrive

You can also try using OneDrive to share PDF as  URL. It is also an online tool that serves as personal file storage. Moreover, you only need to have a Microsft account in order for you to enjoy using this solution. Collaborate with your friends or teams by sending them the link to your documents.

Here are some simple instructions to copy a URL from a PDF

  • Upload or drag and drop your files on OneDrive. 
  • Once the file is stored on the platform, choose the PDF that you want to use. Then, click the Share option. Configure link settings and type the name or email of the recipients of the link. After that, click the Send button and the URL will be delivered right away.

    OneDrive Copy PDF URL

  • You can also hit the Copy button and the URL will be copied to your clipboard.

An easy-to-use PDF Editor

Cyberspace has a lot of PDF editors and converters to offer but why would we choose LightPDF Editor as the best PDF tool? Well, it is not just an excellent browser-based but also a powerful desktop solution wherein you can work on your PDFs hassle-free. It allows you to straightforwardly create, edit, OCR, convert, merge, sign, protect, and other features to explore


Sending PDFs can be a stressful task for both sender and recipient as we know that PDFs are usually large size. Good thing, we have the solutions above that make us avoid the time-consuming of uploading and downloading files by sharing PDFs as URLs. Anyway, if you would need an all-in-one PDF software, choose LightPDF Editor

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