How to Convert PDF to Non-Editable PDF File

These days PDF is one of the popular file formats for the documents used by students, professors, and other professionals. With its popularity, users are looking for the best ways to protect their PDF files. Turning your PDF file into a non-editable one will help protect your PDF's data. In this article, we will show the simple ways to convert PDF to non-editable by easily inserting a password into your document. Check the listed solutions below to see the leading and most reliable software and online programs in 2022 for your PDF problems.

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convert pdf to non-editable

How to Convert PDF to Non-Editable with LightPDF Editor

LightPDF Editor is a simple yet useful all-around program you can rely on for your PDF needs. This is easy-to-download software for Windows computers. Besides that, its editing functions allow you to enhance your content by inserting annotations like text, shapes, and more. One good thing about this tool is that it has an OCR feature that can help you edit scanned PDF files in just a few simple clicks. So if you’re wondering how to make PDF non-editable with this program, you can follow the steps below.

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  • Download and install the app on your computer.
  • Next, open the app to import the PDF file you want to secure.

  • From here, go to the “Tools” section to select the “Set password” function to proceed.

  • After that, enable the “Permission password” on the pop-up. Then, click the “Changes allowed” dropdown menu to choose the permission you want to set in the PDF file.

  • Lastly, hit the “Save” icon above to keep the changes made.

Online Ways to Convert PDF to Non-Editable


LightPDF is a reliable online tool that allows you to convert PDF to non-editable, edit, optimise and add security to your PDF file. Not to mention, this tool can be accessed using different web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Furthermore, it has cloud storage that allows you to work with your using the LightPDF Editor as long as you’re using the same account. Besides that, this tool is capable of sharing and make a collaboration with your colleagues instantly. Check the steps below on how to turn PDF into non-editable using this program.

  • Head on to the tool’s official website.
  • Then, go to the “PDF Tools” dropdown menu and select the “Protect PDF” function to proceed.
  • Click the “+” icon to upload the PDF you want to turn into non-editable.

    lightpdf import pdf file

  • Once done, set the password for your file and click the “Protect” button.

    lightpdf set password pdf

  • Finally, click the “Download” button to save it on your pc.

    lightpdf save converted non-editable pdf


If you’re looking for another online tool that can help you to make PDF non-editable, here is SodaPDF. This web-based program also offers practical functions that you can use for your PDF queries. Apart from that, it allows you to import media files from different cloud storage services, including Google Drive and Dropbox. Meanwhile, it has a software version ready for Windows computers same as LightPDF Editor. See the step-by-step procedure written below to start converting your PDF file into a non-editable one.

  • Visit the official website of the tool.
  • Second, upload the PDF file from your pc.

    sodapdf webpage

  • Third, fill up the fields to set up your password and click the “Protect” icon to proceed.

    sodapdf save converted pdf

  • Fourth, click the “Download File” button to keep a copy on your computer.


To sum it up, these are the best PDF software and online programs that can help you to convert PDF to non-editable instantly. However, as you can see, LightPDF has an advantage compared to other tools because of its accessibility. Besides that, it has a clean user interface that lets first-time users easily use it.

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