How to convert PDF to transparent PNG with 2 steps

Most transparent pictures are in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format, which offers higher definition than JPG files. In most cases we only need to convert PDF to JPG, it’s rare to convert PDF to transparent PNG. Maybe the PDF software you searched for doesn’t allow you to convert PDF directly to PNG with transparent background. But we can help you figure out how!

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Steps to convert PDF to transparent PNG:

  1. Convert PDF to PNG
  2. Remove background of PNG


LightPDF is an online PDF tool with both editing and converting functions. You can always find the solution to deal with your PDF-related problems, such as split PDF files, add watermark in PDF files, compress PDF files and so on. This time, we only need one function, that is “Convert PDF to PNG”.

  1. Enter LightPDF in your chrome and find the LightPDF tools.
  2. Select “PDF to PNG”.

  3. Choose local file and upload it in the functional area.
  4. Download the converted PNG file.


PicWish is an online image background remover. Although it hasn’t been around for a long time, the transparent technology works well and the AI technology is at the top of the rankings. It supports transparent images like ID cards, animals, people, products and etc. So, converting your PDF to a transparent image is also a piece of cake.

  1. Upload the PNG image in PicWish.

    upload image in PicWish

  2. After uploaded, you will be directed to editor interface, you’ll see PicWish automatically removes the background of the PNG image.

    remove background automatically

  3. Click the download button on the top-right. A transparent PNG can be saved.

    turn PDF to transparent PNG

What kind of PDF can be converted to transparent PNG successfully?

If your PDF pages are full of words, it’s really hard to remove the background. If your PDF pages contain only pictures with less words, then the methods above should work just fine.

Is it safe for the LightPDF and Picwish?

LightPDF and PicWish fully safeguard your privacy. If you use the above sites without logging in, your files won’t be saved on servers, and files will be deleted immediately after being processed.


To sum up, we’ve introduced both an online PDF tool and a free online image editing tool to make converting PDF to transparent PNG an easy process for you. If you find any other simple ways to deal with this issue, please comment below!

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