Best Picks of Cloud-based PDF Document Management Software

During this era, almost everything is done online or with the aid of technology. And as most of us take advantage of the benefits that modern times give us, we can take a good look at storing and managing documents on the Cloud. In this blog, keep in the loop with the best Cloud-based PDF document management software.

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Cloud-based PDF Document  Management

Top 5 Cloud-based PDF Platforms


LightPDF is a feasible solution that provides a wide range of innovative features for free online PDF editing. Compared with other expensive PDF programs, it gives a high-quality service that users really complement. To give you a brief background about its Cloud Document feature, see details below.

Why should you use LightPDF cloud PDF document?

  • This program is integrated with Cloud storage that helps you organize your files on any device. And it makes collaboration with your team or group even more efficient and speedy.lightpdf cloud pdf management
  • Log in to your account and your files will be safely stored in the Cloud panel of this program. In addition to this, you can access your files on any device as long as it is synced to your account. Also, all the modifications made to the document by you and your team will be automatically saved on the platform.Cloud-based PDF document management
  • It is a multipurpose PDF solution that allows you to edit, annotate, OCR, convert, sign, and create a link to share with other people.
  • Since it provides a desktop, mobile, and website version, you can access your files anytime and anywhere you are. It also gives you great relief from losing or deleting your files as it securely backed up and synced your files in the Cloud storage.

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luminpdf cloudbased pdfdocument management

Next on the list of Cloud-based PDF document management solutions is Lumin. It provides digital tools to edit, sign, annotate, collaborate, and share PDFs in the cloud. Moreover, it syncs all the changes you and your team have made to the document on a real-time basis.


pdfelement wondershare cloud management

Another cloud-based PDF platform that you can try is PDFelement. It allows you to store files for up to 1 GB (free) and a maximum of 100 GB (premium). Moreover, you can sign important documents using its Electronic Signature feature. It also sends notifications whenever your recipient signed your delivered PDFs.


jotform document cloud-based management

Jotform is well-known for creating fillable and custom online forms. Besides this, you can back up, collect, and store your documents with its File Sharing & Storage Integrations. It helps you to automatically sync your data directly to any cloud-storage app such as Google Drive and Dropbox. 


sodapdf cloud management

To complete our list of the leading PDF document management software, check out SodaPDF. This program helps you to save your files on any cloud storage like OneDrive and Dropbox. Plus, it enables you to annotate, edit, create forms, protect, OCR, and convert your PDFs straightforwardly on the platform.

Price Comparison of Cloud-based PDF Document Management

Cloud-based PDF PlatformPremium Subscription Price

Note: Prices may vary based on the features chosen and the subscription you have purchased. Also, others may offer free trials or a freemium account such as LightPDF and SodaPDF.


Getting a PDF document management software makes storing and sharing files more convenient. Even if cyberspace offers a lot of programs to manage your PDFs, the handpicked solutions above are highly recommended. Above all, you may consider getting LightPDF for its high-efficiency PDF management tools and other features at the most reasonable price. 

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  • I see that lightpdf is the cheapest one. thanks author. good article and tips
  • I tried it!!! lightpdf. the web version is so good, no need to download any software on my computer and share my pdf with my colleagues.

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