How to Turn PDF into Dark Mode 2022

Dark mode PDF readers are very beneficial to avoid irritating your eyes while reading different types of PDFs such as ebooks and manuals. In this blog, we will give you the top 3 recommended solutions to turn your pdf into night mode.

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List of Dark Mode PDF Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader has an array of editing and converting tools that let you have a less stressful PDF experience. Besides that, it is supported with a night mode feature that makes reading even more enjoyable. To fully understand the Adobe Reader dark mode, please follow the steps provided:

  • Open a PDF document and then Go to the Edit panel and to the drag-down Menu hit the Preferences option or you can also press Ctrl + K shortcut keys.
  • A pop-up page will appear on the screen, choose Accessibility and then tick the Replace Document checkbox. After that, change the Page background to Black and the Text Document to White. You can also click High-Contrast colors and set White Text on Black.
  • Click OK to save all the changes you’ve made to the document and turn it into a dark mode interface.

    Adobe PDF Dark Mode

Foxit PDF Reader

Next to our list is the Foxit PDF Reader. It is an almost fully-featured PDF software that can help you when working on your PDF tasks. Its version 11.0 has removed the Dark user interface skin but brought it back in version 11.1 as demanded by users. Have a glance at these simple steps to follow:

  • Upload a file on the program. Next, go to the File tab and choose the Skins option on the category.
  • It will let you choose the appearance of the interface between Classic and Dark modes.
  • Please click the Dark option and it will automatically turn the interface into black or night mode.

    Foxit Dark Skin Mode

Note: You can also turn all the full appearance of the pages of the PDF into black by just selecting Night Mode under the View Panel. 

Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo PDF Reader is one of the most intuitive PDF viewers and editors that you may try of using. It offers a collection of features that you can check out including its ability to transform its interface into dark mode. And to learn how to use it as a dark PDF reader, here are the guide instructions:

  • Drag and drop a file on the loading panel.
  • Once the PDF is uploaded, click the Settings icon and then select Dark mode on the menu.
  • It will instantly turn the whole document’s interface into black. You can now start viewing or reading your PDF without having eye strain.

    Xodo Dark Mode


Getting a PDF reader with night mode for Windows is a great ease for your eyes. So, we have compiled these solutions above to help you choose the best tool that you can use for your nighttime reading. We hope we helped you to find a tool that has unique functionality and guide that you can consider trying.

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