6 Sites to Download PDF Books for Kids

If you’re a parent, reading bedtime stories to your child is one of the amazing memories you can leave your child. And if you’re a teacher, finding fun activities for your students can be troublesome work. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, getting exceptional reading and learning materials is a great satisfaction. We love seeing you well-pleased, so we have compiled the most accessible sites for children's PDF books that you’ll surely be excited about!

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If you want to read PDF books and make comments on it with a great PDF editor on your devices, you could check these articles:

Recommended Children eBooks Sites

Barnes & Noble

Barnes&Noble is a well-known ebook website for drawing books. It seeks to give drawing pictures that can entertain and enchant children. In addition to this, it also has fun and informative books for any age group. Some of the other choices aside from children include fantasy, science fiction, thriller, and paranormal romance. Anyway, you can read these books with Kindle Paperwhite.

Read Brightly

read brightly

One of the excellent platforms that offer children drawing PDF books is Read Brightly. It provides electronic books for youngsters who are in primary, teen, and young adults stage. Aside from the informative stuff, you can also enjoy activities such as quizzes, games, puzzles, riddles, and many more. On top of that, ebooks have audio formats that children will love to hear.


kupdf children drawing book

Discover how you support children’s learning in school and at home with KUPDF. It is an online library of free ebooks for children such as drawing books, fiction, myths, legends, poetry, etc. Moreover, it also offers free teaching and activity sheets to assess the reading comprehension level of the children aged 3-11 years. Also, you can download it and begin to draw straightforwardly.


pinterest drawing book pdf

With over 60,000 free ebooks, Pinterest brings out the imaginations in every child’s heart. It offers a wide collection of picture books on Kindle, iPad, Nook, Android, and iPhone. And to easily find a book for you, it is sorted alphabetically, popularity,  or the release date. Download PDF books without costing you any penny and share them on Dropbox. Google Drive, and OneDrive with no hassle.


infobooks for kids

Get easy access to incredible free children’s ebooks online with InfoBooks. This site promotes improvement in literacy standards of young people by just reading. Thus, it produces good quality children’s books in PDF format. Selections are categorized according to publishers, grade, foreign language, age group, ESL English level, subject, and all.

Monkey Pen

Monkey Pen

Monkey Pen aims to make every child into a good and conscious individual in the future. It produces drawing ebooks that aspire to entertain and educate youngsters to become better citizens. This not just talking about cultivating their knowledge but also enhancing their creativity and drawing skills. Plus, it also offers free resources such as coloring books and educational posters.


Let your child appreciate the world of reading with these top 10 digital libraries that you can visit on the internet. These are very accessible and children will have a great time browsing them. Besides, this is a great way for children to get a break from any unproductive activities and to nurture them with so much learning.

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