3 Easy Ways to Find Fonts from PDF Documents

Fonts have a significant role in having a great PDF reading experience. Many people prefer to use visually appealing fonts to make the document engaging to read. It looks pleasant to use a variety of fonts in a PDF but there are some instances when you will need to use a single font only. Today, this article will guide you on the best ways to identify font in PDF.

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Top 3 Ways to Identify Font in PDF

Adobe Acrobat

With all the power-packed functionalities that Adobe Acrobat provides, who can imagine that it can also detect font in PDF? Yes, you read it right. This well-known program can help you save time in checking the fonts that have been used in the document. In this way, you will not need to install another third-party app for it is already included in its basic features. It is indeed a cost-effective program for anything that is related to PDF.

Find out how Adobe Acrobat can identify font in PDF with the steps below:

1. Once Adobe Acrobat is installed on your device, open the PDF document that you prefer to identify font type.

2. After uploading the file, navigate the File panel. On its drop-down menu, click Properties

identify font in PDF with Adobe

3. A pop-up window will appear and locate the Fonts panel. You will see the list of fonts that the program has identified on the PDF document.

find font in PDF with Adobe

PDF-XChange Viewer

Another tool to find font from PDF is the PDF-XChange Viewer. It is one of the simple-to-use PDF readers that offers all the common features that you need when dealing with PDFs. In addition to this, you can also check the font that is being used in the document. The only drawback of this tool is that you cannot perform the task at once for you need to select certain words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs within the PDF manually in order for you to know the font used.

The instruction is provided to show you how to recognize the font from PDF:

1. Import the file that you want to detect the font on the document by clicking the Open button.

open PDF in PDF-XChange

2. Once the file is uploaded to the program, right-click and a pop-up dialogue will appear. Choose the Documents Properties or simply pres CTRL + D.

document properties in PDF-XChange

3. On the Fonts category, the font information will be shown such as the style, type, encoding, object number, and the total detected fonts.

recognize PDF font with PDF-XChange

ExtractPDF (Online)

Try ExtractPDF.com if you’re looking for an online solution because you don’t want to install software on your computer. This platform has the ability to extract plain text, pages, images, and all attachments from a PDF file without losing its original quality. Apart from this, you can also use this program to embed and identify font type in PDF online. It takes out the text from the document to easily figure out what font/s have been used.

Follow the steps below to use this browser-based solution to detect fonts from PDF:

1. Choose a file to upload from your device or enter the URL of the document if it is on Cloud-based file storage. Anyway, you can upload only a maximum of 25 MB file size.

choose PDF to upload to ExtractPDF.com

2. Click the Start button and the program will automatically detect the text font on your PDF. Take note that text within the images cannot be extracted for this platform does not support OCR service. 

extract plain text with ExtractPDF.com

3. After a few seconds, the images, text, fonts, and metadata will be extracted from the file. Go to the Fonts panel and the identified font results will be shown on the screen. You can also download the fonts as a zip file directly on your computer.

Quick Tip: How to Detect Fonts While editing PDFs using LightPDF?

LightPDF is a software that offers a vast collection of features that you can use to manage your PDF tasks including editing, converting, merging, signing, password-encrypting, and many more. While editing your PDF document, you may wonder what kind of font has been used to write it. Well, you can see these fonts on the Editing panel of this app and you can also unify the text font with the steps below.

Try LightPDF

1. Open the PDF that you want to make a single font document.

open PDF in LightPDF

2. Go to the Edit panel and under it, you can see the font data used in the document like in Microsoft Word.

show PDF font in LightPDF

3. To make the fonts into a single style, drag any text in the document and press CTRL + A to drag all the text on the page. After that, choose the font style and size that you want for your document and the program will automatically apply it.

make a single PDF font

Note: You can perform this task per page of the document and only works for editable PDF files. Also, there are only limited fonts that LightPDF offers this time.


You can now easily recognize from PDF using the above mentioned-solutions we have listed. Indeed, they make your life even more convenient by their own way of detecting the font used on your documents. Thus, if you need a powerful solution to make the fonts unified, we highly recommend LightPDF.

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