8 Best Self-Development Websites

8 Best Self-Development Websites

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Learning and self-development is lifelong, also, its good effects will be along with you for lifetime. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites providing personal development tips and resources, so you will be able to attain the best performance and become professional. Here, we summarize some of the best personal development websites, let’s check them out.

Most Recommended Personal Development Websites

Skills you Need

This website provides you with different resources from interpersonal skills  to leadership skills and more, which can help develop the skills you need in your everyday life. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, or job seeker, you will benefit from the helpful information on this site. Moreover, the website allows you to purchase the eBooks related to self-development from its online shop.

The books it provides are PDF format, so if you need a desktop PDF reader, you could download the PDF reader below:


Skills You Need Website


Do not want to read books but interest more in watching courses? Want to find a more effective way to learn skills? Lynda.com, the second one in our list for self-improvement websites, is a good website which can help you. It provides thousands courses on software development, designing, web development, photography and business, etc. And the teachers are expert in the field they are teaching or working for. You could preview the courses before purchasing. And all the courses now moved to LinkedIn Learning. In addition to that, you can start your first month for free.

Lynda Website


Udemy is another online learning website which allows you to obtain skills without leaving at their home. The courses on Udemy is cheap and can be accessed for lifetime. Also you could get help from instructors all over the world with this personal development website. Moreover, before purchasing a course, you could check the curriculum, requirements, students’ reviews and many more information about this course.

Udemy Online Courses


The forth on the list is Lifehacker. This website is designed with the purpose to help you do things better. Thus, it provides information from various fields, such as technology, politics, work-life style and more. Reading posts on the site, you could start thinking about your life and work, making some changes and then you will grow your abilities positively.  

Lifehacker Website

The Positivity Blog

This website focuses on the happiness and positiveness. For example, unwinding yourself, save money, how to start your day right and a lot more. Aside from that, it comes with inspirational quotation written by the famous author. In that way, people will be inspired when starting their everyday routine. Also, it provides some useful tools to help personal improvement.

The Positivity Blog

Self Creation

It is also important to keep a good mood and have high self-esteem, which will also be helpful for your learning and motivation to make progress. Browsing Self Creation website, another self-development website, will help you boost your self-esteem, self-awareness, self-empowerment, happiness and beliefs. It teaches you how to be happy and enhance your self-growth. Also, it provides some books which you could purchase from Amazon and help you improve your skills.

Self Creation

Success Soul

Success Soul is jam-packed with motivational quotes that emphases achieving your dreams and ambitions. Also, it helps you deal with the problems you are encountering. There are other quotes, including how to change your life, personal growth, live your dream life and so on.

Success Soul Site

Paid to Exist

Paid to Exist is also a good self-development website that helps you discover your passion and turns it into a business. Aside from that, you can join their tribe by signing it and learn different principles to guide you of being Paid to Exist. What’s good about it, you can help others and earn money while you are enjoying.

Paid to Exist

Extra Tip

Now, you have obtain several useful personal development websites to improve your abilities in work, study or other fields. Here are some extra tips, which could help you become better.

  1. Do not intend to learn everything a time, but make a study schedule to read the posts or watch online courses step by step.
  2. Keep the good habit of learning every day.
  3. Summarize what you learned today and think about how the knowledge you learned could help you for your study or work. You could also take the advantage of a mind map tool to take down your ideas.
  4. Communicate with people in the fields you want to make improvements, and it will broaden your horizons.
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