How to Create a PDF with Ease?

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There are some cases when you are responsible for making a PDF file for your company’s financial report, or a review of a movie that you have watched. You may need to start a project, want to create a PDF form and invite others to fill in it. There are many cases that you may need to create a PDF document. Here, we will recommend two programs for this purpose and help you create and even edit PDF files with ease.


Best Solutions to Create a PDF File


More suitable for: 

  • People who are more familiar with Office documents
  • People who want to find easy way to create or edit PDF documents
  • People who don’t want to download any programs on their desktop
  • People who prefer high performance-to-price ratio PDF tools
  • People who are looking for a solution which could be used on different systems (such as Windows, macOS, Android and iOS)

The first solution we recommend is LightPDF, an online tool which can help you create your PDF by converting Word or other formats to PDF file. Now, let’s use the Word to PDF function and tell you how to create a PDF online.

  1. Open Chrome or Safari on your device, and go to “Word to PDF” website.
  2. Then, hit the “Choose File” button to upload a file from a local drive.

    Upload File

  3. When the file is uploaded, it will start to convert to PDF.
  4. Once done, download the PDF file to save it on your device.

    Download a PDF

In this way, you could modify the content of a document in Word or other Office formats first, and then turn it into PDF, so you won’t have too much trouble when editing documents or changing the layout of a file. However, if you do really need to modify some texts after you create a PDF document, LightPDF also provides you with an editing feature, which could help you make some modifications.


More suitable for: 

  • People who often need to process PDF documents
  • People who need professional tools for managing PDF documents

The next solution is ApowerPDF. This PDF software offers a lot of different PDF managing functions such as create, convert, edit, view, print PDF and many more. Creating a PDF is very easy with the help of this program. It enables you to add text, links and images anywhere in the PDF. In addition to that, you can start with a blank document and make your own PDF file instantly. To know more about how to create a PDF, follow the guide given below.

  • Download the program on your PC.


  • After the installation, click “Create”, choose “Black Document” and then set the page to create a blank PDF.
    Create Button

  • Now you can start editing your file.
  • When you finish it, hit “File” and “Save”.

Also, this program supports creating PDFs from other format sources.

Extra Tips

Insert Page

Aside from the features mentioned above, ApowerPDF has other PDF functions so you can insert a page to PDF. In that way, you’ll be able to insert a page to the new PDF file from other PDF files. Here are the steps on how you can do that.

Open a PDF file or create a new file, hit the “Pages” tab, and then click “Insert From File”. After that, choose a PDF from your computer, then select the location where you want to place the inserted file and choose the page that you want to add. Once done, save the file.

Insert Pages

Create a PDF Form

With this feature, users can make a fillable PDF form in just a few minutes. It allows you to add a push button, check box, radio button, and a lot more. See the guide given below.

Hit “Create” then “Blank Document”. Next, click the “Forms” tab and choose from among the options given on the right side of the software. When you are finished, save the file.

pdf forms
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